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Balcony repair on adjustable pedestals

Józef Baar
Product manager
balcony repair
The balcony repair is a big problem of all building owners constructed in the 90s and at the beginning of the new century.
In this article you will learn:
Why modernization of older balconies should be carried out using adjustable pedestals.
How much time does it take to renovate the balcony with the help of appropriate technology.
What is needed to carry out such modernization.

Residents of various types of housing associations or cooperatives, regardless of whether they are single-family houses, divided into several separate rooms or multi-storey apartment blocks, are increasingly wondering what to do with balconies made in the 90s and at the beginning of the new century. Balconies are made in the traditional method of gluing tiles, which under external weather conditions has limited durability. Communities and cooperatives, if they want to balcony repair, unfortunately do not have the appropriate knowledge or specialized tools.

Ultimate solution for leaking balconies

Other tenants of other parts of the building may prove to be an additional problem. Prolonged work and noise accompanying modernization significantly impede their daily functioning.
In such cases, the best solution is the technology of terraces and balcony ventilated on adjustable pedestals.

Balcony repair and terrace restoration on adjustable pedestals

Nowadays, because of the large number of other activities, everyone wants the balcony to be renovated as quickly as possible.

A ventilated terrace is an ideal solution in this case.
The design is universal and the layout can be adapted to all kinds of substrates, whether it is the technology in which the balcony or terrace was made. Boards used during renovation have amazing durability and provide an aesthetic and modern look for decades.

The time needed to finish the entire structure depends largely on the size and conditions of the space in which it is made. For a balcony of a block of flats, where it is usually possible to meet sizes from 2 to a maximum of 20 square meters, it will be possible to finish it in just 5 to 24 hours!

What do You need for balcony and terrace repair process?

The price of all necessary materials is very small, in the case of subsequent damage or desire to modernize the purchase of exchangeable products below is only a fraction of the initial whole.

The necessary items include:

  • Rectified ceramic tiles or maybe concrete tiles - the most common solution when renovating balconies. The boards ensure easy assembly and protect against the worst weather phenomena.
  • Adjustable terrace pedestals (terrace supports) - this type of terrace does not use different types of tile adhesives or other materials that permanently bond the tile to the ground. The height of the brackets can be adjusted using special adjusting rings to the corresponding height. In some cases, extensions / spacers are also used, allowing an even higher lift of the entire structure.
  • Aluminum profile to support and limit external panels.
  • On the ground, heat-welded roofing felt rolled up and secured at the edges with balcony profiles.
Remember that when renovating a terrace, we do not have to limit ourselves only to the use of tiles. We can also use wooden or composite boards.

Terraces with boards, whether wooden or composite, are as pleasant as tiles terraces. Installation takes a little more time (joists, cutting, tightening, etc.), however, after a few rows of repetitive plank arrangement, you get to practice and the work passes faster than expected.

We mean the case when you are preparing to renovate the terrace yourself. Terrace made of boards on adjustable pedestals (fixed support pads are adapted to the assembly of terraces made of tiles / pavers). Of course, nothing prevents you from looking for a qualified assembly team. The best one is one that deals only with terraces. She has the most experience in installing an outdoor terrace. And you know for yourself how important it is to make an accurate, conscientious and solid execution of such external flooring. After all, you renovate it so that you no longer have problems with leaking. Because it was because of the leaky terrace that you decided to renovate. And it is important that no one damages the waterproofing layer made.

The most important thing is to do your job properly from the very beginning. Only then will the terrace please the eye and decorate the house at the beginning and after many years.

All layers of the terrace should be leveled well. Starting with the appropriate settings and spacing of the brackets, to then be able to mount the joists on them.

Once we have the substructure ready, assembly is quick. The terrace looks better and better with each new board. It begins to take final shape.

Renovate your terrace! Don't be afraid to act!

Renovating your terrace can be a very pleasant endeavor.

By renovating the terrace, we will make our house or apartment a great place to relax for the whole family. And the size of the terrace does not matter here, because even a small balcony can be arranged into a great place to rest, work or store.

And it will not be a place for unnecessary lumber anymore, we will create an exclusive corner that will make life more pleasant .. Preparation, making such a place will give us a lot of joy, as long as we remember about the final effect. Even if it is a major renovation, let's keep in mind that the end result will surprise many visitors. And above all, it will make our lives easier.

Here are some of the main features of a terrace in a ventilated floor system:

  1. The ceramic tiles on the supports are very easy to keep clean.
  2. Residual water on an uneven terrace will no longer be your nightmare - Water will no longer linger on their surface, but flow down into the lower layers
  3. Under the tiles, you can run various installations, e.g. electric, irrigation, lighting, sound system, etc.
  4. When you get bored with the arrangement of the tiles or their pattern, you can quickly change them. The same happens when one of the boards is damaged / broken. It is enough to dismantle the damaged one and put a new one in its place.

I think you now know how to modernize and renovate your terrace. Your private tiny balcony or large terrace. Also the terrace and roof of the community building or, for example, the garden in your restaurant.

Below, we will define the basic and necessary set of flooring elements that we must have in order to properly perform all layers of ventilated terraces:

  1. Rectified ceramic tiles - the most common solution for balcony renovation. The boards ensure ease of installation and protect against the worst weather phenomena.
terrace tiles to be placed on adjustable stands

2. Adjustable terrace pads (terrace pedestals) - in the case of this type of terrace, various types of adhesives under the tiles or other materials that permanently bind the tiles to the substrate are not used. The height of the brackets can be adjusted with the help of special adjustment rings to the appropriate height. In some cases, extensions / spacer sleeves are also used, allowing for an even higher lifting of the entire structure.

 adjustable terrace pedestals

3. Aluminum profile to support and limit external plates.

aluminum angle for mounting plates to the railing

4. On the ground, heat-welded roofing felt, rolled up and secured at the edges with balcony profiles.

a layer of waterproofing under the raised terrace

To sum up:

  1. Remove old tiles
  2. Perform a repair of the base layer responsible for waterproofing. Don't spare your money to buy and make good insulation. The durability of the terrace will depend on it.
  3. Choose the cladding plates
  4. Measure the air gap height between the floor and the required final floor level. After subtracting the thickness of the selected slab from it, you will have the height of the terrace brackets you need
  5. Depending on the specific height, order the appropriate system of adjustable or fixed adjustable pedestals
  6. Specify precisely the edge edges of the floor (if necessary, make an envelope of aluminum joists).
  7. Design / define the distribution of tiles / pavers - (our advice - it is best to start laying from the outer edges of the most uneven shapes, because these are the places where the biggest problems with installing small board scraps are - and starting laying from them will prevent such small elements).
  8. Begin laying the deck tiles. Leave the docs for the very end. You will be able to walk on the stacked boards immediately after placing them on the adjustable pedestals. You do not have to wait for the mortar to set / set because there is nothing like that - no glue, etc.
  9. Clean up the finished floor. Remove unnecessary equipment, collect unnecessary scraps of tiles, wash off assembly dirt.
  10. Now you can enjoy a beautiful and durable ventilated terrace.

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