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Regulowany Wspornik Tarasowy MAX.

Terrace Adjustable Pedestals MAX for tiles.

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For tiles and joists
Adjustment: 45 mm - 950 mm
Reinforced, resistant to heavy loads

Who is the terrace adjustable pedestals MAX for tiles for?

The terrace adjustable pedestals MAX for tiles will be perfect both for the construction of terraces and other structures with higher requirements. In addition to their use in industrial construction, adjustable pedestals are often used in specialized city projects such as city fountains or high-end special purpose floors.
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The highest ventilated terrace.

You can easily raise the terrace up to 95 cm while maintaining its stability. You can complete the functionality of the adjustable pedestals with additional equipment.

Uncompromising stability.

The base width of 210 mm and additional stabilizing elements allow a single MAX type adjustable pedestals to withstand a load of up to 1000 kg!

A terrace that levels itself.

The practical base corrector allows you to use the adjustable pedestals even on slopes and adjust the slope of the structure by up to 5%.

The terrace adjustable pedestals MAX for tiles is used to build the fountain.

It turns out that the adjustable pedestals are the perfect element to raise the floor of the fountain. Be it a city or private fountain.

The terrace adjustable pedestals MAX for tiles, thanks to the large span of height adjustment, up to 950 mm, allows for large lifting of the tiles and free hiding under the floor all installations necessary for the operation of the fountain, e.g. water and sewage systems, etc.

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Instead of frequently damaged glued boards - the terrace adjustable pedestals MAX for boards will serve us for many years without any failure.

Terrace adjustable pedestals are the heart of every ventilated terrace. The MAX version is a product for special tasks. In addition, it stabilizes the floor and has a high, maximum possibility of raising the level of the terrace. Designed to make the most of the technology of ventilated terraces and to withstand the most difficult construction tasks.

We can also reuse it after changing the floor to a new one.

Due to the fact that the terrace adjustable pedestals MAX for tiles is not permanently attached to the tiles of the terrace or fountain cover, after damage to one of the tiles or their parts and the need to replace the tiles with new ones, we can use the adjustable pedestals that we already have.
wspornik regulowany serii max do plyt

Complementary accessories

Tuleja dystansowa MAX DS 200 MM.
Height coupler MAX DS 200 MM.
Thanks to a properly designed structure, the MAX adjustable pedestal is fully adapted to carrying heavy loads and can be used even in the most demanding projects.
Structure designed to carry loads.
"The structure is as strong as it can withstand its weakest point." The weakest point of the structure determines the entire strength of the cantilever. When the structure is ill-considered, the strength of the adjustable pedestals is much lower. The MAX adjustable pedestals have a structure designed to carry heavy loads. The weight resting on the adjustable pedestals is axially transferred through the structural walls to the ground on which it stands.
Wygłuszająco-wyrównująca gumowa podkładka pod płyty 1,5 mm.
A soundproofing and leveling rubber shim 1.5 mm for tiles and joists.
Rubber shim can be widely used when laying terraces on adjustable pedestals. When there is a need to compensate for unevenness in the thickness of terrace tiles, rubber shims are the best solution. They effectively prevent squeaking and crackling of sand particles between the tile and the adjustable pedestals. In addition, they catch vibrations and thus soundproof the entire structure of the terrace.
Głowica samopoziomująca LE MAX.
Self leveling head LE MAX.
The terrace is perfectly level. Your may be lying on the ground leading to the formation of the ground below it there is a slope of up to 6%. You can level your terrace quickly and easily. Often the ground on which the adjustable pedestals perform is uneven or sloping for the introduction of water. The advantage of ventilated terraces is the fact that there is a slope on the terrace, our floor surface can be leveled. For this purpose, we use a self-leveling head with a tile that automatically adjusts to the placed tile.
Korektor nachylenia podstawy SC MAX.
Base slope corrector SC MAX.
In the case of larger slopes on the terrace or installation of tall structures, it is necessary that the adjustable pedestals is positioned in the vertical axis. Then, the transferred loads act axially on the bracket, thanks to which it retains full stability and its strength parameters.
In addition, the base slope corrector comes in handy. It has a smooth adjustment and has the ability to compensate for slopes in the range of 0-8% of the slope. The base inclination corrector can be used simultaneously with the self-leveling head, which allows to achieve safe slope correction together up to 14% of the ground inclination.
Klips dylatacyjny od ściany.
Edge spacer clip to wall.
To be used when it is necessary to maintain an expansion gap between the edge of the terrace and the adjacent tile. The dilatation clip allows for safe separation of the terrace floor from the wall, taking into account the change in width during use as a result of changes in the expansion of the terrace material.
Kluczyk do regulacji wysokości.
Key for height adjustment.
Adjustment after assembly. Thanks to the use of a metal key to adjust the height, you can correct any unevenness even on the already laid floor without removing the tiles from the terrace. Just insert the key into the gap between the tiles and turn it, and the adjustable pedestals will change height up or down accordingly. Sometimes it is good to be able to improve the work done previously without having to dismantle the entire terrace.
Specyfikacja wsporników.

Adjustable pedestals specification.

Base diameter: 210 mm
Head diameter: 145 mm
The height of the terrace: 45-950 mm
Slope correction: 0-14%
Maximum weight: 1000-1600 kg / adjustable pedestals
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Construction of the adjustable pedestals.

Self leveling head LE MAX.
Perfectly leveled terrace. The head adjusts automatically to the terrace's slope.
Adjustable pedestal screws.
It has a head with a diameter of 145 mm for a good support of the tiles or terrace joist.
Adjustment ring for height regulation.
It is used to adjust the height of the terrace and has a telescopic thread to achieve the maximum height of the adjustable pedestals.
Height coupler.
The height coupler allows you to increase the height of the adjustable pedestals by an additional 200 mm.
A wide base with a diameter of 210 mm for the stability of the adjustable pedestals.
Slope corrector SC MAX.
Maintaining the vertical axis of the adjustable pedestals for full stability and strength of the structure.
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