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System zagospodarowania wody deszczowej
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Decking pedestals.

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For wooden, WPC and aluminium terrace joists.
Height range 15-245 mm.
For indoor and outdoor usage.

Decking pedestals Raptor Series - who can use it?

Decking pedestals RAPTOR are speciall designed for a terrace joists and beams raising and slope leveling. Raptor Series can be also used for indoor floors on beams. This makes a unique pedestals which are 100% designed for a decking industry. Decking pedestals Raptor series has a wide usage possibilities and are offered at reasonable prices.

The possibility of side mounting of the joist, adjustable support from 15 mm, the largest dimensions of the wedge bracket base on the market, adjustment of the support with a precision of less than 1 mm and the system tilt corrector are just the beginning of the list of advantages of this series of products.
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Height adjustment from 15 mm

Raptos Series protection pad and slope corrector can be used with lowest decking pedestals Raptor S with height regulation starting from 10 mm*.

*- Height range changes according to used additional accesories as protection pad ( 2 mm ) or slope corrector ( 10 mm ).

Joist side installation with pedestals.

Possibility to fix joists and beams to pedestals no from top but side make whole assembly faster. It also allows to avoid problem when screw is on the top of the joists and has a position conflict with decking plank clip or a screw

Support stability

The pedestals size guarantee best possible stability of all terrace dekcing. Size of bottom wedge is 120x120 mm and TOP wedge width is 60 mm.

Everlasting load capacity with up to 1000 kg on each pedestal*

Solid construction of Raptor decking pedestals gives a stale support in all kind of projects and also there where large beams allows for wider distance between supports**.**.

*- Detailed information please read Technical Specification.
**- Please note that despite pedestals high load capacity You need to follow the recommendation of a joists/beams and decking planks manufacturer according to maximum support distance between elements.
Adjustable height decking pedestals product height range.

All decking pedestals from Raptor Series has fixing holes.

They allow to join top wedge and bottom wedge together, joist with a pedestals and also fix whole pedestals to terrace basis.

Fixing pedestals to a ground is not a mandatory. In a case when pedestals are placed on water membrane it is even forbidden to avoid it`s membrane damage.
When terrace installation is located on a firm ground surface as wood, concrete etc. fixing pedestals to ground is option which can give additional stabilization. This is also not mandatory but recommended when possible.

When pedestals got desired height it is possible to fix it with a screw. There are a dedicated holes on the wedge top surface. Holes has specially designed socket that makes screw can hide enough.

Rainwater outflow

All Raptor decking elements has technical openings that allows rainwater flow outside. This openings are located in every place where this water could gather. Woda zbierająca się w zaułkach klinów może nie wydawać się dużym problemem początkowo. This also prevents situation when rainwater which stayed inside pedestals can freeze and damage pedestal construction.
Decking pedestals Raptor L with aluminium joists and WPC decking planks.
Raptor joist leveling brackets height set

Decking pedestals Raptor Series advantage

There are many solutions for a joists and beams supporting. This case is more or less a matter in almost every decking projects. 

Solutions different as their durability. Bags filled with a concrete, wooden wedges, some plank clippings sometimes stacked together. The common thing for this placeholder solution is no guarantee for lifetime working and good support. No declared parameters or lack of precision it`s just few of many disadvantages.
Nowadays guarantee time is not enough in construction business. For every final user the real value is no defects through all time of usage.

Lack of stable support is cause of lowering comfort usage of all decking terrace, also can lead to that decking material as e.g. WPC planks guarantee will be lost.

Decking support should not only be durable but also restistant to external weather conditions. Installtion of pedestals should also be as easy as possible. This is very important especially when installation is done by not a professinal but DIY final user. Many years of experience lead us to create this decking pedestals Raptor series.

Decking supports Raptor not only allows us to precisely adjust terrace height and slope. This decking pedestals give us total control over the final terrace appearance. Just imagine You can totaly minimise height difference between floor inside and terrace level.

Installation and leveling joists or beams can be done on many types of different surfaces.

Solid and stable surfaces with low slope is not a big challenge. But there are many types of a top surfaces that are in a big slope and than decking pedestal are tilted from the axis. Without base tilt correction joist is not fully supported and pedestals are eccentric compressed.

What is load resistance of a pedestals with eccentric compression? What is stability of a pedestals in long time manner? It is almost impossible to say because every project is different that is why decking pedestals Raptor series has a slope coreector which compensate slope on the ground so that pedestals is staying always vertical.

Flat roofs are very popular now. Mostly finished with hardened XPS. Than when supporting joists pedestal need to have protection pad as Raptor series does.

Please see below decking pedestals Raptor series accessories which give additional help and confidence while using this complete decking pedestals system.
Elements complementing the system of supports for Raptor joists, slope corrector, acoustic pad, protective pad

Additional accessories

Raiser 30
Raiser 30 MM
Page under construction
Protection pad
Protection pad
Page under construction
Acoustic pad
Acoustic pad
Page under construction
Slope corrector
Slope corrector
Page under construction
Rubber pas 200x200x2 mm
Rubber pas 200x200x2 mm
Page under construction
Decking pedestals for terrace joist or beams with wooden joist and hardwood planks.

Specification of brackets for Raptor pedestals

Base size: 
- 120x120 mm ( RAPTOR M - RAPTOR XL4)
- 120X60 mm (RAPTOR S)
Height range: from 15 to 245 mm
Slope correction: to 7%
Maximum load weight: to 1000 kg*
*- Detailed information please read Technical Specification.
Download Leaflet
Download the assembly instructions

Decking pedestals Raptor elements


A pedestal for a low heights with height range from 15 to 35 mm.
Top wedge S
Bottom base wedge S
decking pedestal Raptor S elements


Height range 35-245 mm.
All top wedges M, L, XL
Are compatible with Base wedge L
Base wedge L
Compatible with top wedges M, L, XL
Raised with height 30 mm ( max. 4 raisers stacked together ).
Additional accessories
Protection pad
Mandatory when use with water membrane or sensitive under terrace surfaces e.g. XPS
Acoustic pad
It creates additional sound insulation and increases the comfort of using the terrace or the floor.
Slope corrector
Under terrace surface slope correction. Necessary on surfaces with significant slopes. It compensates for a 7% slope.
Rubber pad
Alternative to use an acoustic insulation when Slope corrector is used.
decking pedestals elements Raptor M XL4

To enjoy it for years and at any time, think about a system support.

In this difficult and uncertain time, take a seat on a stably supported terrace!
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