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System zagospodarowania wody deszczowej
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Adjustable terrace pedestals for tiles – STANDARD

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For Terrace Tiles
Adjustment: 30mm - 420mm
Versatile solution
Meet the pedestals

What is the intended use of adjustable pedestals for tiles?

It is an ideal solution for supporting terrace tiles, tile joists, grates and other pavement constructions such as floors, walkways or platforms. They are widely used both in residential buildings as well as public and industrial facilities.
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The greatest adjustment possibilities.

You can adjust the height of the terrace from 30 up to 420 mm and add the necessary elements in any way. Only you decide what your terrace looks like.

Perfect silence instead of creaking.

The construction of pedestals eliminates unpleasant tapping and squeaking sound, giving the priceless comfort of silence. You will get soundproofing incomparable to any technology.

Terrace which levels itself.

Each pedestal can be equipped with a self-leveling correction head, which will adjust the angle of the terrace elements in the range of 0-7%.
trouble-free terrace pedestals

Instead of quickly decaying glued tiles – trouble-free terrace pedestals.

Adjustable pedestals are the heart of any ventilated terrace. The STANDARD version with optimal height adjustment is the most popular solution due to the large possibilities in the quick and precise construction of terraces. The versatility of these pedestals gives effects that are not available in the case of other construction methods.

Complementary accessories

Height coupler 100 mm.
Height coupler 100 mm.
Quick and easy to assembly spacers extend the height of the pedestals by an additional 100 mm. The highest adjustable pedestal with two spacers allows you to achieve a total of up to 420 mm in height. For higher applications, we recommend MAX pedestals.
Soundproofing and leveling rubber tile pads.
Soundproofing and leveling rubber tile pads.
They increase the comfort of using terraces without joists. They capture and suppress natural vibrations and eliminate unpleasant noises caused by dust particles getting between the pedestal and the terrace tiles. They also effectively solve the problem of unevenness in the thickness of terrace tiles. Available in 2 thicknesses – 1 and 2 mm.
Rubber insulating pads (200×200 mm).
Rubber insulating pads (200×200 mm).
They protect insulation and dampen the entire structure. We recommend them to protect the insulation of the top substrate layer and in the case of possible vulcanization of layers (tar paper, liquid insulation, etc.). Made of flexible and durable elastomer are extremely resistant to weather conditions. Available in 4 thicknesses – from 3 to 10 mm.
Vertical edge clips
Vertical edge clips
Simple and durable clips for mounting the vertical terrace masking frames provide an elegant and aesthetic finish to the vertical walls of the terrace, not adjacent to any wall. They are designed in such a way that after applying the terrace tiles they remain completely invisible, while assembly and disassembly is really quick.
Up to wall clips
Up to wall clips
They protect the gap between the terrace and the boundary limitation, such as the building wall. They counteract vibrations and friction, protect insulating membranes and prevent the layers from vulcanizing. What is important, the clip is flexible and adapts to changes in the width of the terrace as a result of the expansion of the material from which the terrace is made.
adjustable terrace pedestals for tiles (1)

Pedestal Specification.

Base diameter: 168 mm
Terrace height: 30 - 420 mm
Pedestal base diameter: 0-7%
Maximum weight: 1000 kg / pedestal
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Construction of pedestals.

Cross spacer 3 or 5 mm.
Gap spacers 3 or 5 mm. 
Adjust the head of the pedestal to any arrangement of the decking boards.
Rubber shim.
Self levelling. 
Adjusts the angle of inclination in the range of 0-7%, perfectly leveling the terrace.
That has openings for mounting the adapter. Adequately profiled bolt thread prevents its spontaneous rotation.
Construction of pedestals.

Do you dream about the perfect terrace on pedestals?

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