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Joist supports for anchor foundation

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Environment friendly solution
Joist support for anchor foundation with height adjustment 100 mm
Metal anchor foundation 160 mm (total length 1000 mm)
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On the soil terraces

Adjustable joist supports for anchor foundation is a stable and everlasting support for decking joists. Terraces supported on them are resistent for rotting due to that joist is not lay on the soil directly.

With a smooth height adjustment it is possible to make terrace on any desired height. Using adjustable height supports on the anchor foundation reduce costs of making a full concrete bed under the terrace. Additional advantage is that it keeps water drainage.

Environment friendly solution

Terraces supported with adjustable height anchor foundation unlike traditional concrete bed terraces allows for water drainage and do not interfere sorroundings rainwater flow.


Adjustable height joist supports mounted on anchor foundation are allowed to be use directly to soil.

Smooth height adjustment

Adjustable height joist support for anchor foundation 25 mm (height adjustment 100 mm) allows for a smooth height adjustment with a rotating screw nut.

Products and accessories available.

Pedestal construction

Adjustable height joist support placed in anchor foundation provide stable connection.
Joist adapter
Joist adapter to with decks.
Pedestal head where joist adapter can be assembled.
Screw nut
Screw nut is used to smooth height adjustment of the joist support pedestal.
Joist support to use with anchor foundation
Adapter to use with adjustable height joist support placed on metal anchor foundation.
Metal anchor foundation 160 mm (total length is 1000 mm)
Allows to placed directly in dirt.

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