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Lawn edges

Light and aesthetic lawn edges

Don’t block your imagination. Arrange straight lines, curves and circles in your garden.
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For any substrate
Easy to assemble
You form any shapes
Features of the product:

Lots of practical applications

Garden and lawn edges are used to create gravel surfaces, lawn-gravel, cobblestone-gravel or cobblestone-lawn combinations.

Special recesses in the bottom part of the edges enable electrical wiring, a water system hose or lighting system to be installed discreetly and safely.

Installation on any surface

The only lawn edges of this kind on the market in the form of a vertical strip, enabling you to work at various heights when creating gravel, paving and grass arrangements.

Plastic edges are not restricted by a horizontal strip in its lower part, so they do not require the preparation of a perfectly flat surface before starting work.

The lower part of the edges has an “anchor teeth” system preventing horizontal movements causing the subsequent formation of slack on the anchors and therefore a loss of stability of the edges.

Aesthetics of the arrangement

NOVABORD can be used with an exposed or discreetly hidden upper part of the section of the edge or with accessory overlays: galvanized steel, stainless steel or corten (rust effect). Overlays for plastic edges decidedly improve the aesthetics, especially in surroundings of exclusive residences or historic buildings.

Easy assembly

You lay the edges and conveniently connect them using the tongue and groove system. Fastening the edges with the enclosed steel anchors enables them to be set in hard surfaces, such as sand/cement ballast, layers of compacted aggregate or freshly set concrete.

You form the shapes that suit you

Various shapes of lawn edges can be created, from perfectly straight lines (without a zig-zag effect as in L-shaped edges) to curves and circles after cutting out narrow bridges in the rear part of the edges.

Available products

Garden and lawn edges

Dedicated to creating both small home gardens, as well as revitalizing large urban spaces.

In the standard option, they are offered individually as PCV edges, while the additional use of a patented system of galvanised steel, stainless steel and corten type (rust effect) overlays significantly increases the aesthetic value.

Plastic edges

Together with a system of optional galvanized and stainless steel overlays, it perfectly matches the landscape of modern and futuristic architecture based on glass and aluminium.

This applies to both bold urban developments, as well as demanding private projects.

On the other hand, overlays with a rust effect can be used to create spaces in historic buildings, palaces, castles and stylish residences.

They can especially be used in places where traditional plastic edges would adversely affect the architecture of the surroundings.


You have a choice of 3 types of steel accessory overlays – galvanized steel, stainless steel and with the so-called rust effect. All types are available in lengths of 100 cm and widths of 0.8 cm.

With steel overlays, you can change the arrangement of your surroundings whenever you want. Just place the overlay on top of the previously laid edges, click it into the system of special recesses and it’s ready.

Steel anchors

They prove useful mainly on hard surfaces such as aggregate substructure, cement-sand ballast or freshly set concrete. We recommend anchoring with 3 anchors per metre of edges.

275/8 mm steel anchors are available in our range.

Lawn edges – ready for quick arrangement of any space

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