Adjustable height terrace pedestals
Adjustment from 17 to 420 mm
Fixed height paving support pads
Terrace accessories
SBR rubber pads and other accessories
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drewniany taras z jacuzzy na wspornikach tarasowych poziomujących

Adjustable deck pedestals on hotel terraces

Are you wondering what investments you can use adjustable deck pedestals? Here is one of many examples.

Maybe roof terrace? Many ideas how to make it.

Do you have free space for the roof terrace? Would you like to arrange it cozy? We'll tell you how to do it
Odkrywanie tarasu w ogrodzie na nowo

Raised composite deck on plastic pedestals on ground floor

This is very common that decking on pedestals are situated on multifamily residential.
Jak naprawiliśmy taras 80m2 za pomocą łatwo dostępnej technologii – raz na zawsze?

How did we repair a terrace of 80m2 using a simple technology?

Missing joints or cracked tiles on the terrace. Sounds familiar? Did you know that improperly constructed terraces are responsible for 80% of failures in the modern building industry?

A complete guidebook page to ventilated terraces.

Check out our complete guidebook page to ventilated terrace technology. Everything about the design, montage and application of terraces on adjustable pedestals and support pads in one place. 

It is the only such complete page about raised terrace on the Internet.
Check out the guidebook

Practical materials for designer?

4 ready-to-use tools in DWG, RFA, PDF and XLS formats. 41 files, 90 pages of useful materials.
Check the package