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Opinions and our projects.

Opinions and our projects.

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A complete guidebook page to ventilated terraces.

Check out our complete guidebook page to ventilated terrace technology. Everything about the design, montage and application of terraces on adjustable pedestals and support pads in one place. 

It is the only such complete page about raised terrace on the Internet.
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A terrace made of ceramic tiles can withstand the weight of a large wooden pot
Terrace plinths support the weight of garden furniture
Adjustable terrace drainage bases
Public spaces often require leveling with adjustable pedestals
Different room levels can be easily balanced
Terrace on adjustable bases

What are they saying about us?

At the turn of 2015 and 2016, together with the DECK-DRY Polska company, we implemented the project of building wooden cladding as the finishing of the boulevard Xawery Dunikowski and Lech and Maria Kaczyński in Wrocław.

General opinions of the ventilated terrace made on the subject investment are unambiguous – an ideal solution for stable leveling of a wooden deck on joists.

The boulevard and its deck in the form of wooden boards, i.e. a ventilated terrace, has very good opinions among users.

Thanks to this solution, we were able to adapt to the steps that also act as seats. DD Pedestals adjustable pedestals allowed us to adjust the level to previously prepared balustrades, which are mounted to the ground with large, solid anchors and thanks to the ventilated terrace system, they could be easily covered with cladding boards.

The element to which the deck height had to be adjusted was also pavement curbs, constituting an element separating the newly created terrace element with the stone pavement previously laid.

The DD Pedestals support padst system turned out to be perfect for carrying out our implementation in Wroclaw. Thanks to it, we were able to meet all design and budget requirements.

It was an implementation carried out in cooperation with the City, so the requirements set at the design stage were indisputable and impossible to change, and yet they were achieved.

Individual opinions of the ventilated terrace made on the boulevard are excellent and best underline the satisfaction of users. The terrace fulfills its intended functions – both structural and functional.

This place is very liked by the city’s inhabitants.
The terraces in the DECK-DRY system have gained the approval of our client not only thanks to their beauty, but also thanks to the innovative assembly form.
At the beginning of 2016, in the months of January and February 2016, together with DECK-DRY Sp. z o.o. we made on our investment under the name Park Sowiński in Poznań ventilated terraces made of Siberian Larch wooden boards.

The ventilated terrace has been designed for the investment, our Architects’ opinions on this subject are unequivocal – terraces raised with adjustable pedestals are ideal for any investment. Their universality exceeds all other systems. Terrace support pads allow to overcome uneven terrain, thresholds at balcony doors, which must be made to protect thermal bridges, mask balustrade anchoring elements and many other similar sensitive areas on the balcony, loggia or terrace.

Almost any ventilated terrace can be built thanks to the variety of available solid spacers and adjustable pedestals. Opinions of users, i.e. our customers, who bought flats with adjacent terraces are equally flattering. Residents can easily drag various installations under the ventilated terrace, e.g. electric cables, irrigation of the rest of the garden, lighting the area or even sound system and pumps for swimming pools.

The ventilated terrace system we have used has won excellent user reviews and this is the most important thing.

From the moment we got acquainted with the wide range of the company in the scope of DD Pedestals products, we used a ventilated terrace system on many of our investments.

I am a fitter of wooden and composite terraces with many years of experience. Ventilated terrace reviews among my clients have very good.

I install hundreds of m2 of terraces a year. I made many wooden terraces both from native and exotic wood, but I noticed that more and more people use ceramic tiles to cover their terraces.

There is now a huge selection on the market to cover our relaxation zones. They can be large stone slabs, 60×60 or 30×120 ceramic tiles, raw concrete slabs, natural wooden boards, composite boards, etc.

I noticed that the terrace with ventilated opinions is getting better and better, and customers’ interest in this solution is growing from season to season.

Here are some basic advantages of a ventilated terrace:

  • montage is simple, quick and stable
  • you do not need to perform any work related to mortars, adhesives, jointing, etc.
  • due to the lack of necessity to use the above materials, the terrace becomes much more resistant to weather conditions, i.e. nothing breaks, crumbles, etc.
  • there is no water or snow on the installed floor – everything flows into the layers below
  • various installations can be routed under the cladding – electrical, water, lighting etc.
  • various mechanisms can be installed there, e.g. swimming pool pumps, garden spraying, sound system, etc.
  • gives us many final possibilities – many types of wooden or composite boards, ceramic, stone and concrete tiles
  • and most importantly, the substructure, i.e. the terrace bracket, remains undamaged – it can be used repeatedly. If the surface cladding breaks down, you can quickly remove it and place a new one on the already prepared brackets.

To sum up, a ventilated terrace is the most durable, quick to install and convenient terrace mounting system.

Ventilated terrace
Deck installer reviews for private customers, Monter
My opinion about the ventilated terrace made on DD Pedestals adjustable pedestals is one – the perfect solution for everyone.

The system is so easy that I made the installation myself.

My old backyard terrace was lined with porcelain tiles. The terrace is in a place where usually the sun reaches only in the morning and the humidity from the garden is relatively high. As it happens with tiles began to fall off after a few years.

Somewhere on the internet I came across a system of invisible assembly of DECK-DRY wooden boards. The boards are separated from the joist by a plastic fastener, thanks to which they do not rot, which in my case was extremely important due to the isolation of the terrace. The company that manufactures the above mentioned connectors also produces a distance system for making a ventilated terrace. It was the perfect solution for me because I could also get rid of unnecessary stairs.

I ordered all necessary items from the company. The ladies in the company helped me to adjust the appropriate heights of the needed supports. I also received a very clear and full hint assembly instructions and instructional video by email. I bought boards in my town. At the timber warehouse, the gentlemen lowered the boards for me with a small margin, and I made the final cut myself during assembly.

When I had all the elements, I started the assembly, which went over admiration quickly and efficiently.

According to the instructions, I proceeded in order – first cleaning the surface of unnecessary elements, impurities, etc. Later setting the supports and joists on them (reduced by the height of the board and connector).

Later, conscientiously following the instructions, I screwed the connectors to the board and then the board after the board to raised, leveled joists.

And here I have a wonderful terrace.

I enjoy double because I made it myself. He is my pride. I am proud and recommend this solution to all my guests. Opinions on my ventilated terrace are always the same – wonderful!
Ventilated terrace
Private customer reviews, Customer
Our garden has won a lot of warm opinions from exhibition visitors and words of appreciation among landscape architects, it was called the garden appropriate to the Chelsea Flowe Show.

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