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5 rules to prevent the tiles on adjustable paving slab supports from cracking.

Józef Baar
Menedżer produktu
kamienne płyty oparte na wspornikach tarasowych
What are adjustable paving slab supports? Will ceramic tiles laying on adjustable pedestals crack? How much weight will they withstand?
In this article you will learn:
What tiles for your terrace to serve for years
Which tiles based on the adjustable pedestals will be the most durable
What thickness should the tiles be based on the supports

We often hear questions whether the tiles laying on the adjustable pedestals will crack on the terrace? What are adjustable paving slab supports? This is your main concern when choosing a ventilated terrace as an external cladding solution for your terraces, balconies, patios, etc.

Below we will try to explain what to look for when choosing terrace tiles. So that during the long years of using the surface of the terrace, your tiles based on adjustable pedestals do not crack.

The tiles that are adapted to be placed on adjustable paving slab supports are:

  • ceramic tiles,
  • stone tiles 
  • concrete tiles

The most often chosen tiles for ventilated terraces are ceramic tiles with a thickness of 2 cm and a size of 60x60 cm.

If such tiles are made of full-fledged material, the 1st grade is nothing to worry about it. Putting on adjustable paving slab support in the corners, they will last for years.

Their pressure strength depends on the strength given to them by the manufacturer.

Each adjustable pedestals has a strength approximately 1000 kg. (more information you can found here). Therefore, there is no need to worry about the durability of terrace adjustable paving slab supports. They will certainly withstand the pressure of tiles and heavy items placed on the terrace / balcony.

Often, that ceramic tiles manufacturers also recommend supporten tiles on adjustable paving slab supports in the middle of them.

Then you should follow the recommendations and support the boards resting on the adjustable pedestals in the middle.

Each adjustable pedestals has gap spacers. Thanks to them, we can define equal gaps between the tiles. However, they can be easily removed. When we remove the gap spacers, we can lift the adjustable pedestals up by a few millimetres and put it under the center of the tile. Thanks to this, we can easily create a support that we can place centrally under the tile.

Terrace tiles are not always 60x60 in size and 2 cm thick.

Often, however, tiles laying on adjustable paving slab supports  have different dimensions.

The dimensions of the tiles usually go into a oblong. For example, 30x120, 40x120 or 45x90, and each manufacturer determines what distance the board should be supported in order to maintain its strength.

When we look at a 40x120 tile, we can easily come to the conclusion that we have to support it every 40 cm. So in one direction at two extreme points. In the second one, additionally in two places of length, i.e. 0 - 40 - 80 - 120 cm.

Terrace tiles that are adapted to be supported on adjustable paving slab supports are usually 2 cm thick and have a size of 60x60 cm.

However the 4 cm tiles - usually concrete - are also common thicknesses.

Concrete has its own specific physical properties. It is a very brittle material. Thanks to the increase in thickness, the concrete tiles can be fully safely supported in points on adjustable paving slab supports .

The stability of the ground is also a very important element.

It is what generates correct use for the next years. 

If the ground moves, it will cause the adjustable paving slab supports to move. Also their collapses. And this, as a result, will generate negative effects. It will prevent the facing boards from having adequate corner support. We will expose them to cracking.

Tiles laying on both adjustable pedestals and support pads must have excellent, stable support. This will give them strength and will prevent excessive stresses that could cause cracking. In addition, the terrace will not have curves, which has a large impact on the comfort of use and visual aspects.


The main cause of cracking terrace tiles which laying on adjustable supports are themselves.

The fact that the terrace tiles on the ventilated terrace crack is caused by the poor quality of the tiles.

Such negative effects are not caused by the poor support of the panels on the supports, but by the poor quality of the panels themselves.

If the boards we purchase are adapted to point support on adjustable terrace supports, the adjustable paving slab supports  will certainly withstand their pressure.

Both them and the elements placed on them.

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