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How high is the strength of the adjustable pedestals?

Józef Baar
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Are you wondering if the strength of the adjustable pedestals is sufficient for your investment? Will they meet the requirements of heavy construction?
In this article you will learn:
What is the strength of the adjustable pedestals
How big and heavy elements can be placed on terrace adjustable pedestals
What strength of terrace support pads is allowed by the manufacturer as usable

If you're thinking about using adjustable or fixed terrace support pads, you've come to the right place for your terrace. In this article we will explain what is the permissible and destructive strength of the adjustable pedestals.

When designing our adjustable pedestals, we tried to match both their height ranges and the loads that can be applied to those that meet the common building requirements set by designers.

Specialist tests determining the strength of the adjustable pedestals carried out at the Building Research Institute confirm the values we have determined.

When designing buildings, architects adapt their weights, volumes or strength to such features and values that they must achieve according to their purpose.

Each of our systems has many features, e.g. height, width, degree of adjustment or strength.

Whether lsupport pads (those without adjustment) or adjustable pedestals - each of them has a certain strength.

Below I present the strengths achieved by individual terrace adjustable pedestals. These are design loads, already reduced by appropriate indicators from destructive loads. Breaking loads are given in brackets (_).

types of adjustable pedestals and support pads  for ventilated terraces

Support pads for terrace tiles

DDP 10, 15 i 16 mm  - 900 kg

strength of the adjustable pedestals for terrace tiles

SPIRAL Series - spiral adjustable pedestals  

DDP 17-30 mm - 800 kg (1 800 kg)

strength of the adjustable pedestals spiral series for terrace

Standard Series - adjustable pedestals for terrace tiles and joists

030-045 - 400 kg (1 000 kg)

045-070 - 400 kg (1 000 kg)

070-120 - 400 kg (1 000 kg)

120-220 - 400 kg (1 000 kg)

strength of the adjustable pedestals for wooden terrace

If the numbers don't tell you much, we've prepared movies.

Films that perfectly visualize the strength of the adjustable pedestals for ventilated terraces.

You don't even expect how durable they are.

MAX Series - adjustable pedestals for terrace from tiles and joists

DDP MAX - 800 kg (1 700 kg)

strength of the adjustable pedestals for ceramic tiles terrace

And here a film showing the strength of the MAX series adjustable pedestals.

Did you like the movie?

I hope that it depicted more than just the description.

All series of adjustable pedestals have strengths that fully meet the requirements of living space.

However, if you plan to put heavy elements on your ventilated terrace, e.g. brick masonry grills, swimming pools, jacuzzi, etc. We suggest using MAX adjustable pedestals for safety.

It was designed with such constructions in mind.

Structures that require an individual approach in terms of the weight they generate.

high strength of the adjustable pedestals

We have more and more technology that allows us to experiment with a terrace or balcony.

 We can put on our terrace children's slides, inflatable seasonal swimming pools.

You can also install huge barbecues and garden furniture to organize meetings with friends.

However, it should be remembered that the boards or tiles that we will use on our terrace must also meet high strength.

So, if you plan to install heavy elements on your terrace, do not be afraid that the adjustable pedestals may not withstand it.

Our support pads have really high strength.

If you are interested please contact us.

We will help you.

A complete guidebook page to ventilated terraces.

Check out our complete guidebook page to ventilated terrace technology. Everything about the design, montage and application of terraces on adjustable pedestals and support pads in one place.

It is the only such complete page about raised terrace on the Internet.

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