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System zagospodarowania wody deszczowej
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Adjustable terrace pedestal MAX 45-75 mm

MAX 045-075
3mm-10751 5mm- 107479 AD-107587
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The most important information

height from 45 to 75 mm
easy and smooth height adjustment using a nut
resistant to heavy loads
possibility of systematic wind protection
adapted to tiles/pavers and joists/decking


The adjustable MAX pedestals for raised deck or paver terrace, also known as elevated terrace, are a series that provides maximum stability and resistance to loads for the most demanding projects and tasks. The base and head of the pedestal provide a wide support surface and terrace stabilization. Thanks to the unique double thread, the pedestals have a wide range of height adjustment, so only three models are sufficient. They can also be supplemented with an additional element - the DS200 height coupler, which increases the height by 200 mm. The well-thought-out design and numerous additional features meet all the requirements set for pedestals during the construction of raised terraces. A wide range of additional accessories is available for the MAX series.

Mode of action

The pedestals can be adjusted to tiles or pavers (using D3, D5 discs as well as L3, L5 gap spacers) or joist with decking (using an adapter for joists - AD). The pedestals have a modular construction consisting of three elements: a base, a nut sleeve, and a support head with a screw (from a height of 350 mm, an additional height coupler DS200 is also included). The height can be easily adjusted manually or more quickly using a special drill bit (PPK). Additionally, after laying the tiles, small adjustments can be made from the top using a key (MPK) - only when used with a self-leveling head. The pedestals also have the option of using the windproof system (WP), which permanently secures the tiles to the pedestals and provides additional stability to the structure using profiles and tensioners. They can also be installed on various types of substrates, including those with a slope of up to 14% and waterproof insulation.


certified plastic PP


54 pcs/box (60x50x40cm) 1080 pcs/palette (120x100x220cm)

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