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Fountains on adjustable pedestals as the most popular solution for their construction.

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stable bases for setting the adjustable pedestals for the fountains
Did you know that fountains on adjustable pedestals are currently one of the most frequently used solutions in the installation of fountains. They are most often found on squares in the city center as city fountains, but also in private investors' gardens.
In this article you will learn:
How fountains are created in the style of raised floors
Why exactly the adjustable pedestals turned out to be a good solution for fountains.
Which DD Pedestals adjustable terrace pedestals work best for fountains.

Are you wondering if it is safe to build a city fountains on adjustable pedestals?

Will the adjustable pedestals really support the weight of both the pavers and people gathering in such places?

Or maybe you just want to know the process of creating such a fountain made of ceramic tiles on adjustable pedestals?

We invite you to read this article.

a fountain on terrace adjustable pedestals
A fountain on terrace adjustable pedestals

Fountains on adjustable pedestals began to appear in many places.

 They are created in city squares, parks, within the old town as well as in new districts, etc.

These are fountains whose surface cladding tiles are based on stable leveling pedestals. What kind? We'll talk about it later.

Such adjustable terrace pedestals greatly facilitate the construction of the fountain.

They allow you to keep the space for water and carry out the necessary installations. And there are many such installations at the fountain. The entire distribution system of water supply pipes should be led to the holes in the pavers, so that it pleases our eye in an effective way when it comes out.

possible installation between the adjustable pedestals max series
Possible installation between the adjustable pedestals max series

The prepared floor for the positioning of the adjustable pedestals is usually made in a specific slope so that the water can circulate in a closed circuit.

If the slopes are small, the self-leveling head applied to the adjustable bracket is not necessary.

However, if the drops are significant, it can be applied.

The self-leveling head increases the height of the adjustable pedestals by 16 mm. Both in the STANDARD and MAX systems.

It is fully compatible with the system, designed specifically for our adjustable pedestals.

Levels the slope up to 7%. It is sufficient for the vast majority of investments.

Here is an example of the use of this useful but not necessary accessory of a terrace adjustable pedestals.

In order to dampen the knocking and friction of the boards against the plastic adjustable pedestals, it is recommended to use the SH rubber pad on top of the adjustable terrace pedestals, which is a system element of the support. 

The rubber pads have a diameter of 100 mm or 145 mm tailored to specific systems. For the SPIRAL and MAX systems, the diameter is 145 mm, while for the STANDARD series it is 100 mm.

SH rubber pads can be interrupted at the gaps. Thus, up to 4 pieces can be made from one rubber spacer pad. It is useful when we want to align the levels on one adjustable pedestals for each tiles separately. The tiles are not always perfectly even and sometimes require leveling.

Thanks to the 1.5 mm thick SH washer, we can easily compensate for small differences in the thickness of the panels.

Fixed height adjustable pedestals are not suitable for such investments.

We can use them on city squares, where the installation that we run under the floor is an irrigation system or electric cables. Such installations will fit in a 10-16 mm void.

support terrace pads under ceramic tiles
Support terrace pads under ceramic tiles

Fixed-height terrace pedestals, as we can see, are too low to run thick pipes of the water system of the fountains between them.

However, this is not the only downside.

After all, the fixed plate supports can be stacked and achieve a height of e.g. 3 times greater, i.e. 45 mm. 

However, the bases of the fountains are made in the slopes specified in the project so that the water accumulates in specific places and its circulation is closed.

And for the exact leveling of the boards, we need an adjustable terrace adjustable pedestals.

Not the fixed height one. 

The adjustable pedestals also allows you to use the LE self-leveling head, which we already wrote about in the earlier part of the article.

adjustable pedestals with a self-leveling head - adjustable system
Adjustable pedestals with a self-leveling head - adjustable system

Why are the adjustable pedestals turned out to be a good solution for the installation of fountains?

The answer is simple - their structure and features are excellent for this.

Fountains always had to be installed as raised floors.

Previously, complicated steel structures were made to be able to lay the boards on the whole. In addition, the problem was also the subsequent replacement of damaged tiles. It was difficult to adjust the new boards available on the market to those already installed and to the existing structure.

Fountains installed in the raised floor system are currently the most frequently chosen system for the installation of city fountains.

The heights of terrace adjustable pedestals available on the market are enormous and can always be adapted to our conditions

DD Pedestals adjustable terrace pedestals are often chosen for the construction of a fountain. When designing them, we prepared appropriate technical solutions to facilitate assembly and later even draining the water from the inside of the adjustable pedestals before winter.

 terrace adjustable pedestals for building fountains
 Terrace adjustable pedestals for building fountains

City fountains are most often lined with ceramic tiles with a smooth surface.

Such boards do not endanger the use by residents and are relatively easy to clean. As a rule, they are washed by the water flowing from the fountain. 

ceramic tiles on the fountain on adjustable pedestals
Ceramic tiles on the fountain on adjustable pedestals

Due to the fact that the terrace adjustable pedestals are placed under the tiles, the entire structure of the fountain becomes much lighter than it would be made of steel.

max adjustable pedestals for the fountain reach 950 mm in height
City fountain on adjustable pedestals

Many residents use such wonderful city fountains.

On hot days, they provide cooling for people staying in the squares around. The dispersing breeze and water fog dissipates into the surrounding area and gives relief.

You cannot forget about the children.

For them, fountains are the greatest attraction and fun. They can run around the pouring water or even ride small bikes and scooters.

Are you wondering if the installation of such a wonderful place is complicated?

Considering the fact that we choose adjustable terrace brackets for assembly and all other assembly accessories that help in efficient and proper assembly, we are responsible for:


work involving the mere laying of ceramic tiles can be done by anyone. Anyone who knows such technical work.

Montage is really easy.

If the shape is not too complicated and we have some equipment that allows, for example, cutting such thick boards, you can try to make it yourself.

But as with all such works, problems begin at the very beginning.

Therefore, it is worth considering the choice of a qualified team that specializes in laying terrace tiles.

Of course, a qualified assembly team is required to perform water installations and all necessary connections.

We can't handle these things alone. This is where a professional needs to step in. It is he who will perform both the connection of the water installation as well as make all the cuts.

The efficient performance of the works will enable us to use the fountain floor in no time. And time is very precious to everyone.

Check Here I am attaching a link to the installation instructions for raised floors.

And which DD Pedestals Adjustable pedestals is best for fountains?

Well, summing up the previous information, any fixed height stands will not be a good solution for making a fountain in a raised floor system.

Of course, it all depends on the specific project.

There are no contraindications for low fixed feet to be used to raise the floor, however, it is very rarely found, and in sensitive places.

Remember that the series of adjustable pedestals for tiles and joists starts from 10 mm.

And even if there is a need to use such low elements, you can choose adjustable brackets from the SPIRAL series. You can find more information about them here.

The most frequently chosen adjustable brackets are the STANDARD and MAX series

STANDARD adjustable supports are the basic assembly solution.

Their height range is 30-420 mm.

And, as a rule, it is sufficient.

Investors, however, more and more often choose the MAX series because their construction is much more strengthened than the others.

One of the basic properties is the thicker walls which make the cantilever resistant to heavier weights.

MAX series adjustable pedestals for raised floors
MAX series adjustable pedestals for raised floors
The base of these adjustable pedestals has also been enlarged. As a result, the adjustable pedestals gained increased strength parameters, etc.

Another huge advantage is the size of the adjustable pedestals that can be achieved to raise the floor.

It is as much as 950 mm.

And it looks like this:

reinforced adjustable pedestals MAX terrace height 950
reinforced adjustable pedestals MAX terrace height 950

As you can see, the use of terrace pedestals is wide. One possibility is chasing another.

We've focused on fountains in this article, but it's worth checking out our other articles. We are sure you will find a lot of valuable information there

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or by phone.

You can also use the contact form that you can find here.

I know that time is very valuable to you so we will try to answer as soon as possible.

We will always try to help you and advise you on uncertain issues.

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