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What is the strength of the adjustable pedestals?

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Józef Baar
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Are you wondering if the strength of the adjustable pedestals is sufficient for your investment? Will they meet the requirements of heavy construction?
Dans cet article, vous apprendrez:
What is the strength of the adjustable pedestals
How big and heavy elements can be placed on terrace adjustable pedestals
What strength of terrace support pads is allowed by the manufacturer as usable

If you're thinking about using adjustable or fixed terrace support pads, you've come to the right place for your terrace. In this article we will explain what is the permissible and destructive strength of the adjustable pedestals.

Specialist tests carried out at the Building Research Institute to determine the strength of the supports and regular tests carried out in our in-house quality control laboratory confirm the values specified by us.

To illustrate the strength under pressure, we have several graphs for you that show this relationship.

Based on the conducted tests, we received special certificates and technical approvals for the tested products.

Below we will illustrate some examples:

When designing buildings, architects adapt their weights, volumes or strength to such features and values that they must achieve according to their purpose.

Purpose, scope and conditions of use of DD PEDESTALS adjustable pedestals

DD PEDESTALS adjustable pedestals are innovative solution intended for supporting / installing raised floors, concrete, stone or wooden terrace boards, wooden deck joists, grates, floor surface structures, sidewalks, most external raised decks, etc., for use outside of building structures, on terraces, loggias, balconies, squares , also partially or fully covered, etc; for use in single-family and multi-family buildings, collective housing, sports and public utility buildings (not applicable to mass event venues with crowds and evacuation routes), and industrial buildings; the possibility of deformation, cracks, color change and static electricity, as well as noise during use, also with the use of self-leveling heads; DD PEDESTALS Terrace Adjustable Pedestals are suitable for use in places exposed to direct impact of external weather conditions, in the air temperature range from -20C to + 70C.

DD PEDESTALS adjustable pedestals should be used on stable and even surfaces, e.g .:

  • on concrete tiles (screeds) not insulated with anti-water / anti-damp insulation or insulated with anti-water / anti-damp insulation,
  • on substrates that are water-based insulation, e.g. heat-sealable tar paper or insulation foil (on these substrates it is recommended to use SUPPORT PADS SB200 to protect the insulation against possible damage or vulcanization of layers),
  • on stone tiles  or wooden boards,
  • on concrete blocks / bricks,
  • on compacted and / or stabilized ground,
  • on openwork concrete slabs,
  • on extruded polystyrene XPS (styrodur), recommended min. hardness is XPS200,
  • on various types of floors,
  • on substrates that allow drainage of rainwater or water spilled onto the terrace.

Each of our dd adjustable pedestal system has many features, e.g. height, width, degree of adjustment or strength.

Whether lsupport pads (those without adjustment) or adjustable pedestals - each of them has a certain strength.

Below, I present the strengths achieved by individual terrace supports. These are the maximum loads and the values taking into account the safety factor fs: 2 (design load).

types of adjustable pedestals and support pads  for ventilated terraces

Support pads for terrace tiles

Detailed data and parameters can be found in the technical specification of the DD PEDESTALS adjustable pedestals.

Support pads - fixed spacers for boards (in brackets the maximum permissible design load, i.e. fs2)

DDP 008 (8 mm) - 1,960 kg (fs: 2 - 980 kg)

DDP 010 (10 mm) - 1,959 kg (fs: 2 - 976 kg)

DDP 015 (15 mm) - 1,386 kg (fs: 2 - 693 kg)

DDP 016 (16 mm) - 1,960 kg (fs: 2 - 980 kg)

strength of the adjustable pedestals for terrace tiles

SPIRAL Series - spiral adjustable pedestals  

(in parentheses, the maximum allowable design load, i.e. fs2)

DDP 010-017 (10-17 mm)  

DDP 017-030 (17-30 mm)  -   >2 000 kg (fs:2 - 1 000 kg)

strength of the adjustable pedestals spiral series for terrace

Standard Series - adjustable pedestals for terrace tiles and joists

(in parentheses, the maximum allowable design load, i.e. fs2)

DDP 030-045 (30-45 mm) - 1 141 kg (fs2: 570 kg)

DDP 045-070 (45-70 mm) -   969  kg (fs2: 484 kg)

DDP 070-120 (70-120 mm) -    925 kg (fs2: 462kg)

DDP 120-220 (120-220 mm) -    966 kg (fs2: 483 kg)

DDP 220-320 (220-320 mm) -   933 kg (fs2: 466 kg)

DDP 320-420 (320-420 mm) -   969 kg (fs2: 484 kg)

strength of the adjustable pedestals for wooden terrace

If the numbers don't tell you much, we've prepared movies.

Films that perfectly visualize the strength of the adjustable pedestals for ventilated terraces.

You don't even expect how durable they are.

MAX Series - adjustable pedestals for terrace from tiles and joists

 (in parentheses, the maximum allowable design load, i.e. fs2)

DDP MAX 045-075 (45-75 mm)  - 1 176 kg ( fs2: 583 kg)

DDP MAX 075-150 (75-150 mm) - 1 263 kg (fs2: 631 kg) 

DDP MAX 150-350 (150-350 mm) - 1 588 kg (fs2: 794 kg) 

DDP MAX  350-550 (350-550 mm) - 1561 kg (fs2: 780 kg)

DDP MAX  550-750 (550-750 mm) - 1 579 kg (fs2: 789 kg)

DDP MAX 750-950  (750-950 mm) - 1 675 kg (fs2: 837 kg)

strength of the adjustable pedestals for ceramic tiles terrace

And here a film showing the strength of the MAX series adjustable pedestals.

Did you like the movie?

I hope that it depicted more than just the description.

However, if you plan to put heavy elements on your ventilated terrace, e.g. brick masonry grills, swimming pools, jacuzzi, etc. We suggest using MAX adjustable pedestals for safety.

It was designed with such constructions in mind.

Structures that require an individual approach in terms of the weight they generate.

high strength of the adjustable pedestals

We have more and more technology that allows us to experiment with a terrace or balcony.

 We can put on our terrace children's slides, inflatable seasonal swimming pools.

You can also install huge barbecues and garden furniture to organize meetings with friends.

However, it should be remembered that the boards or tiles that we will use on our terrace must also meet high strength.

So, if you plan to install heavy elements on your terrace, do not be afraid that the adjustable pedestals may not withstand it.

Our support pads have really high strength.

If you are interested please contact us.

We will help you.

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