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Raised composite deck on plastic pedestals on ground floor

Józef Baar
Product manager
Odkrywanie tarasu w ogrodzie na nowo
This is very common that decking on pedestals are situated on multifamily residential.
In this article you will learn:
What do you lose if you don't use the space you have at your disposal.
How to easily change your terrace beyond recognition?
How to use terrace joists and adjustable pedestals for the perfect effect?

Due to usage of adjustable pedestals with composite decking planks it is easy to recreate this rarely used space into happy to use garden terrace.

Unappreciated space on ground floor

In many cases of new multi family residential buildings ground floor terrace is unappreciated space.

Normally it is concrete tiles on a low level accordingly to a level inside of the apartment. In the result nobody want to spend time on this terrace.

Even with a small budget it can be changed into nice and cosy space for leisure.

Easy to create deck on pedestals

When starting to change this unfriendly space in to our decking of a dreams we have to start with removing old material.

Removing old wood or concrete tiles will be very easy. The substrate under old terrace should also be removed.

This sand must be condensed with compactor and use cement and sand bedding. On the top lay geotextile.

On these well prepared area for our wpc decking we put concrete blocks with a dimensions between enough for well support on joists. Depend on what kind of joist will be used it is about 30-50 cm.

On the blocks we put adjustable pedestals and adjust height of it accordingly to a demand level.

Last step is to lay joists on the pedestals and mount composite planks to the joists with a clips and screws.

Rediscover your new composite decking terrace on pedestals

Everybody who did this metamorphosis of their garden terrace say that did not expect that they can have such a nice space in their ground floor gardens.

Now it is only time to have warm weather days and some time spend it in garden.

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