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System zagospodarowania wody deszczowej
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Adjustable terrace pedestal SPIRAL 10-17 mm

SPIRAL 010-017
3 mm - 107474 5 mm -10754 AD - 10755
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The most important information

height range from 10 to 17 mm
step-height adjustment every 1 mm
suitable for tiles and joists
resistant to heavy loads
can be used on a significantly sloping surface


Adjustable pedestals for raised terraces (so-called elevated) from the SPIRAL series allow for precise adjustment of terrace height in the range of 10 to 210 mm. Their unique step construction allows for adjustment every 1 mm and ensures high load-bearing capacity. Thanks to the SPIRAL series, it is possible to adjust terrace height starting from the lowest height of 10 mm. Additionally, there is a possibility to expand the functionality of the supports with additional accessories. The use of a gap disk allows for the installation of terraces with pavers or tiles, while the joist adapter allows installation of jost and decking.

Mode of action

The pedestals can be adjusted to tiles or pavers (using a gap spacer disk-D3, D5) or joists (using a joist adapter-AD or DAD). The pedestals have a modular construction consisting of two elements, with an additional spacer base element (DS60) attached for heights of 90 mm and above, allowing for height increase. Adjustment is done every 1 mm by rotating the upper element.


certified plastic PP


125 pcs/box (60x50x20cm), 5000 pcs/palette (120x100x220cm)

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