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System zagospodarowania wody deszczowej
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Rubber paver spacer 8 mm

3 mm - 10018 5 mm - 10561

The most important information

Made of flexible material
Can be divided into parts
Possibility of stacking
Built-in 3 mm spacer gap
Provides acoustic comfort


Rubber pads for tiles/pavers with a constant height of 8 mm, designed for use on terraces, roofs, and insulation. They are made of flexible material, which has a positive effect on the acoustics of the terrace. It is possible to stack up to three pads on top of each other, allowing for heights of 16 and 24 mm. They have 3 mm built-in spacer which creates gap between the tiles. There is also the possibility of installing an additional 5 mm spacer (L5). It is also possible to add 1.5 mm leveling rubber pads (SH100) on top of the pedestals. Terraces laid on pedestals allow for easy inspection of the insulation under the tiles.

Mode of action

Designed for use with tiles/pavers, they allow laying stable and even surface, stabilize corners and gaps between tiles. They provide acoustic comfort through the material they are made of. The supports can be easily trimmed due to their modular construction - for convenience, lines are marked on the support that easily indicate the sections to be trimmed.




200 pcs./box (60x50x20cm) 8000 pcs./palette (120x100x220 cm)

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