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Non combustible pedestal ALU 170-200

ALU 170-200
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The most important information

smooth height adjustment from 170 to 200 mm
aluminum, fire-resistant safety pedestals, EURO A1 class
built-in self-leveling function from 0 to 6%
high load capacity
adapted to tiles/pavers


The ALU series has been specially designed for professional terraces that are built in facilities where higher fire resistance is required. It is used in projects with increased requirements. The durable aluminum construction provides high load capacity, allowing for the maintenance of large loads. The ALU series pedestals have a smooth adjustment function, which allows for achieving any height in the range of 40 to 200 mm. Additionally, they have a built-in self-leveling function, allowing for achieving a horizontal terrace surface without the need for additional accessories on a slope of up to 6%. They are also resistant to loads and mechanical damage, making them ideal for professional applications.

Mode of action

ALU pedestals are designed for use with tiles/pavers. Made of five aluminum elements: base, high nut, low nut, screw, and cap. They have built-in 3 mm gap spacers on the cap and the ability for smooth adjustment using a screw, which is locked in place by two nuts - in the base and counter. The screw also allows for self-leveling of the pedestal cap.




25 pcs/box (30x50x20cm), 2000 pcs/palette (120x100x220cm)

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