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Raised terrace -montage in a few hours!

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taras podniesiony wentylowany na wsporniakch tarasowych
The raised terrace is an interesting alternative to traditional solutions for the external floor cladding. For you too?
In this article you will learn:
What are the basic features of a raised terrace
Why should you have it?
How to choose the right raised terrace for you

Incomparably quick and simple execution, ease of repair, relatively lower price or the possibility of mounting on a variety of surfaces are one of the most important advantages of raised terraces.

The ventilated terrace is an interesting alternative to traditional solutions for the external floor cladding.

Check if it's for you!

Below I will briefly illustrate what a raised terrace is.

A ventilated, raised terrace is usually made of frost-resistant ceramic, concrete or stone tiles. These tiles must be suitable for laying on terrace support pads or adjustable pedestals - that is, the manufacturer allows these panels to be supported by points through the supportpads.

Such a terrace can also be made of both wooden and composite boards. Then, joists are also needed to fix the boards. And he is directly placed on the adjustable plastic pedestals.

The terrace adjustable pedestals comes in many variants.

You choose the one that suits your investment.

terrace raised from external tiles on low terrace support pads

If your raised terrace requires a slight lifting and leveling, you can use low fixed or adjustable pedestals. However, if you want to raise the terrace by many centimeters, use high adjustable pedestals for raised terraces.

Such plastic adjustable pedestals will help us in many aspects. They both level the floor and raise the level to the required height.

raised terrace on high terrace adjustable pedestals

It is now time for the features of a raised terrace!

Below are a few, in our opinion, the most important points that will help you decide whether such a system raised terrace will also work for you.

  • Very simple, incomparably fast and stable installation
  • No wet work, mortar, adhesive, jointing work etc.
  • High resistance to atmospheric conditions - due to the lack of the need for layers that are susceptible to it, i.e. the adhesive does not soak, the joint does not crumble, etc.
  • There is no water or snow on the raised floor mounted in this way - everything flows into the isolated layers below or soil
  • Under the cladding, you can run various installations - electrical, water, light, etc. - this allows you to make a cozy arrangement of the terrace or balcony
  • Various mechanisms can be installed under the floor, e.g. swimming pool pumps, garden spraying, sound system, etc.
  • Unlimited choice of cladding - many types of wooden or composite boards, ceramic, stone, concrete tiles - only imagination limits us
  • and most importantly, the substructure, i.e. the terrace adjustable pedestals, remains undamaged - it can be used repeatedly. If the board is damaged, you can quickly remove it and arrange a new one. We already have the construction ready. You can even arrange the terrace from boards. Nothing stops us.

And? Is the raised terrace also perfect for you?

So let's work ...

If it turns out that this solution is just for you

If the features of the raised terrace help you arrange the balcony / terrace in a dream atmosphere

Or if, thanks to the terrace adjustable pedestals, you can finally bring the sprinkler to the plants

That's what you found the solution to your problems. There is nothing to wait for, install it on the terrace with us and enjoy carefree moments spent in a friendly place.

wooden ventilated raised terrace with jacuzzy

The raised terrace is very simple to make.

However, despite your simplicity, you must prepare yourself and do it properly.

Both a terrace made of ceramic tiles as well as wooden boards or composite boards for its easy and difficult assembly elements.

A raised terrace from ceramic tiles is probably the easiest to do after all.


If you can choose terrace tiles so that their multiple is the size of the terrace, your terrace can be built in a few hours.

All you have to do is select the right height of the terrace adjustable pedestals , be it adjustable or fixed pedestals, and place the panels on them in accordance with the instructions we will tell you in the next article, step by step, how to make a terrace.

If the dimension of the terrace contour is different than a multiple of the panels, you will need tools to cut them. It can be an angle grinder with a suitable disc for the type of material the disc is made of. Or a special cutter for ceramic, stone or concrete tiles.

When making a terrace from wooden boards, the steps are similar to installing a terrace from composite boards.

In both cases, we must set joists, be it wooden or composite, on spaced terrace support pads or adjustable pedestals. It depends on the type of top boards.

But also from the accepted assembly system.

Composite boards, due to their composition, are adapted to changing weather conditions. They are not as sensitive to rain and sun as natural boards. The manufacturer usually provides all mounting elements fitted to his board.

Most often these are clips mounted in the gap between two adjacent boards. This solution allows you to mount the board without damaging it.

The screws are invisible and the board undamaged.

A raised terrace in a wooden version is more complicated.

Here we have a wide selection of assembly systems. There are many solutions for fixing the board.

We recommend those that insulate the board from joists. This means that the board does not rot. Each element has access to air.

It is also worth using such a system so as not to damage the board from above. This means that no screws will be visible. Our eyes will see only a beautiful natural board.

Each of these terraces has something in itself.

You just have to choose the best one for each of us.

For people who love a raw pattern, cold colors or value maintenance-free, the terrace of ceramic tiles or any other will be best. This solution will provide them with a beautiful space and at the same time easy to maintain.

outdoor raised terrace on adjustable pedestals

However, if you love the rustic style, fall in love with wood, value a warm, natural seaside climate, a wooden terrace will be perfect for you. Thanks to it you will return to holiday, carefree memories.

You have nothing else to do but choose the solution that's right for you and get started.

So let’s go to work!

We keep our fingers crossed.

If you run into any problems, write to us or call. We will help as soon as possible.

A complete guidebook page to ventilated terraces.

Check out our complete guidebook page to ventilated terrace technology. Everything about the design, montage and application of terraces on adjustable pedestals and support pads in one place.

It is the only such complete page about raised terrace on the Internet.

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