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Montage terrace tiles on mortar bags

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taras wentylowany na woreczkach wypełnionych mokrą zaprawą
How does such a solution work and is it worth investing in it? Will terrace tiles on mortar bags not be destroyed quickly?
In this article you will learn:
What are ventilated terraces on mortar bags
What really is filling plastic bags under the terrace tiles
What difficulties await you when applying such a solution

Let's check how montage terrace tiles on mortar bags with cement.

Montage terrace tiles on mortar bags with concrete should take place in a place where four slabs meet. To keep the space between tiles equal, use a spacer cross. This gap is needed just like a terrace with adjustable or fixed supports. It allows you to drain water.

However, it becomes a problem to even out unevenness between the tiles.

Unfortunately, so far nobody has patented a good way to arrange such a terrace in one area.

unevenness on the ventilated terrace on mortar bags

Correcting them with a rubber mallet is unfortunately not very precise and exposes the boards to the risk of latent cracks, which will become visible under the influence of moisture over time.

The most important difference between the use of adjustable pedestals technology and mounting on pouches is the fact that the adjustable pedestals made of stable and resistant plastic in certain temperature ranges (-30 ° C - + 60 ° C).

Adjustable pedestals do not undergo destruction and cracking, which are subject to water-absorbing cement bags.
montage terrace tiles on mortar bags, frequent damage

The surface, which has been laid on the bags with concrete, cannot be walked on for several days.

While the terrace made on adjustable pedestals can be used from day one. The advantage of both methods is that they can be easily and quickly disassembled when damaged tiles need to be replaced.

Montage terrace tiles on mortar bags is also burdened with haste during its installation, which is necessary to prevent the terrace from falling apart before the concrete hardens.

Rushing can affect the quality of the work done.

the quality of the installation and force uneven joints and differences in height between the tiles laid on the terrace. Will adversely affect the quality in the use of the terrace thus made.

ventilated terrace from tiles on montar bags
Problems with montage terrace tiles on mortar  bags increases with its size of the terrace, and on the squares it becomes almost impossible.

Getting the correct assembly and aesthetics of the whole assumption is very difficult and requires many years of experience in assembly using this technique.

In the event of entering a newly mounted terrace or too strong one hammer impact on the tiles may bend and permanently remain in the wrong position of the bag with solidifying cement and leave permanent inaccuracy of assembly in terms of the width of the joints or the level of the tiles relative to each other.

unevenly arranged terrace ventilated on montar bags

The terrace ventilated on cement mortar bags after installation is not subject to any slope or level adjustment.

If it is necessary to adjust the height, it is necessary to demolish it.

The use of terrace adjustable pedestals excludes demolition from the top. Such a system allows disassembly of one tiles and gives the possibility of adjusting a specific adjustable pedestals.

Such possibilities are further increased if we use a adjustable pedestals with a self-leveling head. Then the tiles are subject to the collision-free adjustment of the terrace plane.

This prevents us from such a terrace appearance.

uneven tiles and gaps on the ventilated terrace on the montar bags


Is it possible to arrange a ventilated terrace on bags?

Yes it can! However, we take the opportunity to have a nice, leveled, stable terrace.

More features against than for such a this solution.

A complete guidebook page to ventilated terraces.

Check out our complete guidebook page to ventilated terrace technology. Everything about the design, montage and application of terraces on adjustable pedestals and support pads in one place.

It is the only such complete page about raised terrace on the Internet.

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