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How to make a terrace in the garden? See how easy it is

Józef Baar
Menedżer produktu
wentylowany taras drewniany na gruncie
if you have a small piece of undeveloped land, be sure to build your own terrace in the garden on it.
In this article you will learn:
Who is the ventilated terrace on the ground for?
How to properly make a ventilated terrace on the ground yourself
Where do you usually see a ventilated terrace

Ventilated terrace is a technology that can be used on the ground, but also on old and new concrete subsoil. Making such a terrace in the garden is economical and easy to montage.

A ventilated terrace is the form most often chosen by private clients.
People who wanted to have a wonderful backyard terrace.

This technology is very convenient. If someone has technical skills is able to cope alone with such a challenge. Has the opportunity to become the hero of your home.

Or maybe it is also a perfect solution for you?

Do you have a garden or balcony?

Would you like to refresh your terrace with a new facing?

Or the old one is damaged and it's time to replace it?

Have you always dreamed of a beautiful wooden terrace that will remind you of your vacation?

So you see..., the ventilated terrace is also for you.

And you will be the hero of your home!

Below we'll show you some options to build your perfect ventilated terrace in the garden.

Example 1: Wooden or composite terrace in the garden on the ground

Such a terrace is made where we have grass or clean soil in the garden Initially, our backyard area looks like this:

ventilated terrace in the garden on ground
Soil is not a good substrate for laying terrace joists. It is not stable. At the first rain it could slip. Therefore, it is necessary to stabilize it, compact it or pour dry concrete bedding.

If the ground is too high, collect the top - sod.

The next step is to arrange stabilizing elements at appropriate intervals, e.g. concrete blocks, pavement tiles, openwork slabs or even flat pavement edges.

Now our substrate is stable. We can proceed to further actions.

We place terrace adjustable pedestals on the concrete elements. We immediately level them appropriately to maintain proper surface fall. We attach terrace joists to the adjustable pedestals. We screw them to special adapters.

The next and last step is to lay the top finishing layer or composite boards. We install them according to the manufacturer's instructions. We finish the edges, mask the substructure and ...

... ventilated terrace on the ground is ready!

Example 2: Ceramic plates on adjustable pedestals as a ventilated terrace in the garden

On our next investment, concrete screed was chosen as soil stabilization.

This choice allows us to arrange terrace adjustable pedestals in any way, i.e. at any spacing. Then we can change the dimensions of the ceramic plates, because the terrace support pads can be positioned anywhere in the screed.

Here, as you can see, large ceramic tiles were selected. Definitely larger than the standard 60x60.

Adjustable pedestals have been set in such a way that after placing ceramic tiles on them level the level with the threshold of the terrace door. Thanks to this, we will not take big steps at the exit to the terrace in the garden.

Here are pictures showing the works during assembly

And here you can see how the terrace looks finally.

Example 3: Wooden boards laid as a ventilated terrace in the garden

For many of us, a garden terrace is the fastest way to relax. It is here that we can return to summer holiday days. For carefree moments spent in the sun.

Wooden terraces will definitely help us. The ones we often meet in foreign exotic resorts as well as in Polish carefree seaside villages.

Below we show you photos of the huge metamorphosis of the terrace.

The terrace, which one who scream for help, the one that pleases the eye at any time of the day or year.

Here is three stages:

First - the terrace before repair.

Lined with a natural board, which for many years arranged in a traditional system has been destroyed.

It doesn't please the eye as it once did.

It is becoming less and less secure.

The second is to clean the surface of the old, damaged terrace in the garden.

A concrete screed was made on part of the terrace, but some floated on the prepared structure. Without support. That's why the whole terrace worked badly. A stable substructure should be made on part of the ground to be able to lay a ventilated terrace in the garden.

And the third - last - it is  installing a new wooden boards in the ventilated terrace system on the ground.

Now the terrace has become the perfect place to relax. It is safe for children. Now they can spend all summer mornings, days and evenings on it.

Example 4: Exotic ventilated terrace by the office building

Our employers are also trying to make the time spent at work more pleasant. And more and more often they decide to invest in relaxation zones for employees.

Outdoor terraces may be ideal. Planted around greenery, benches placed in quiet places allow us to achieve internal peace or have lunch in a pleasant environment.

The terrace on such a large surface must be made in appropriate layers. In such a way that rainwater has somewhere to accumulate and can be spread or penetrated into the ground.

However, if, as in our case, there are underground car parks under the planned terrace and the ceiling is protected with a layer of waterproofing, the ground should be prepared in a different way.

hydroisolation under a terrace ventilated on the ground

The architects decided to use a gravel solution. He is to meet the drainage layer. However, due to its structure, it is not suitable for a stable foundation of a plastic terrace adjustable pedestals.

The floor should be stiffened with a concrete block and the terrace adjustable pedestals should be placed on it.

A ventilated terrace can be built quickly on such prepared ground.

Here are photos from the progress of work.

And here you can already see the end result


To sum up, we come to the conclusion that a ventilated terrace in the garden can be made in virtually any circumstances.

Both in your own backyard garden and a large square next to office buildings.

It can be made of both wooden and composite boards.

Many of us decide to make it from ceramic, concrete or stone tiles.

It is also a good idea to combine several structures, e.g. Part of the terrace made of natural boards and some of the ceramic tiles.

There are many possibilities. We are limited only by imagination.

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