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Ceramic patio tiles 2 cm for a ventilated terrace

Józef Baar
Product manager
Nowadays ceramic patio tiles 60x60x2 CM become most popular material for outdoor patio terraces.
In this article you will learn:
What are the advantages of 2 cm terrace tiles for terrace installation.
How the terrace is made with the help of such tiles.
What a finished terrace looks like on terrace tiles.

Ceramic patio tiles are today one of the most popular solutions for terrace.

It is used by private clients in home gardens or balconies as well as by developers on huge projects.

One of the most modern methods of building terraces are ventilated terraces laid on adjustable pedestals. Most often they are ceramic, concrete or stone terrace tiles. Such tiles for a ventilated terrace have become very popular in recent years and liked by both contractors and users.

A ventilated terrace made of ceramic patio tiles has many advantages:

  • Ceramic patio tiles are not permanently attached to the ground
  • They are also not glued to the terrace adjustable pedestals
  • You can lift each panel at any time separately and perform a sub-construction search
  • Instead of standard joints, which quickly crumble under the influence of atmospheric conditions between the panels on the ventilated terrace are left spacing gaps between which rainwater drips
  • Water has free flow, does not accumulate in unnecessary places, which prevents it from leaking into the following rooms
  • Under the ceramic patio tiles, you can run various installations: electric cables, lighting, water supply, etc.
ceramic patio tiles 60x60 2cm on ventilated terrace

Modern ventilated terrace – types of patio tiles

We offer many types of terrace tiles and boards. Among the tiles distinguished by their high resistance and durability, we can choose between popular and economical patio tiles:

- concrete tiles ,

- porcelain stoneware tiles,

  - clinker,

  - ceramic tiles

  - or made of natural stone - granite, basalt, syenite or porphyry.

Each of these raw materials is durable, hard and has low water absorption.

They are all resistant to frost and any adverse weather conditions, as well as to the effects of chemicals. They are easy to keep clean and last for many years. Thanks to the use of ventilated terrace technology, all these terrace tiles can also be dismantled and placed elsewhere. Ceramic patio tiles with a thickness of 2 cm and a side length of about 60 cm are most commonly used.

balcony balustrade on the ceramic patio tiles of the ventilated terrace

Installation of a ventilated terrace - ceramic terrace tiles 2 cm


Ventilated terrace tiles are installed very easily. Each of us is able to make such a terrace. The devil, however, is in the details, the cutting-edge, critical and strategic places that need to be approached individually and here the hand of a professional is already useful.


We have two options for installing a ventilated terrace:

  • On support pads
  • On adjustable pedestals
types of terrace support pads for ceramic patio tiles

The ventilated terrace laid on support pads is intended for places where the available height for cladding is small. These adjustable pedestals have small heights - from 2 mm to 16 mm.

low support pads for ceramic patio tiles

This solution also works well in places where the screed has the right level and drop and the support pads perform the assembly function and protect the screed waterproofing against damage.

30x120 ceramic patio tiles on support pads

However, if level  “0” of our terrace is much lower than the height at which we want to have ceramic patio tiles, adjustable pedestals should be used.

The adjustment range is huge. Starting from 17 mm we can finish at 950 mm.

types of plastic terrace adjustable pedestals

Terrace adjustable pedestals  for ventilated terrace tiles work well, among others, on investments where the terrace should be raised by a few centimeters.

high adjustable pedestals for ceramic patio tiles

Where, for example, on one terrace we have different heights.
They can be caused by the arrangement of isolation, a large slope towards the drainage pipe or the entrance threshold.  Adjustable terrace pedestals  are also ideal.

terrace ceramic patio tiles for a ventilated balcony on adjustable pedestals

All adjustable pedestals  can be freely positioned under the terrace of terrace ceramic patio tiles.

They are adapted to be placed next to a wall, in corners, a window frame or under a balustrade.

According to the instructions, their bases can be cut or, in the case of modular spacers, separated to match the elements on the terrace.

Very appreciated by users is the fact that if something that happens with the ground worries us at any time, you can remove only one ceramic patio tile and check the situation. Then put it back in its place without having to dismantle the entire terrace.

If for any reason the plate for a ventilated terrace is damaged, cracked, chipped or other things that disqualify it from use, it can be replaced quickly and easily.

Here you can do it one by one again.

One breaks down, we replace one and not the entire terrace.

Ventilated terrace patio tiles will be bought in every large DIY store and stores typically intended for that purpose, i.e. those selling only ceramic, concrete, stone or paving tiles.

It is worth considering the purchase of panels for finishing a ventilated terrace.

Attention should be paid to their thickness, strength, leveling, frost resistance or water absorption and degree of dirt resistance.

For example, ceramic patio tiles for a ventilated terrace are usually easily worn and do not absorb dirt in the form of e.g. fat from summer feast at the grill. However, standard concrete tiles no longer have these properties. They must be protected with a special agent that will create a special coating on them and protect against dirt.

Here are some examples of ready-made ventilated terraces with tiles.

Renovation of the old terrace - see how easy it is!

A good example of refreshing the old terrace is a paving, which is overgrown with moss relatively quickly, overlaps with green tarnish or gets dirty with sticky liquids.

If we have a terrace next to our house made of cobblestones, which no longer looks the most beautiful, We can refresh it quickly and easily.

Without demolition, unnecessary clutter and large amounts of money.

It is enough to buy plastic adjustable pedestals, rubber leveling and soundproofing as well as ceramic patio tiles and we proceed to work.

In addition, the tiles for the ventilated terrace are not attached to the terrace adjustable pedestals. When we want to change the terrace cover, all you need to do is remove a layer of tiles from it, which of course can be used elsewhere or offered to friends because they are still undamaged and we can lay new, even nicer and better stone, concrete, ceramic patio tiles on our prepared construction.

A complete guidebook page to ventilated terraces.

Check out our complete guidebook page to ventilated terrace technology. Everything about the design, montage and application of terraces on adjustable pedestals and support pads in one place.

It is the only such complete page about raised terrace on the Internet.

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