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Step by step about terrace with ceramic installation

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taras wentylowany samodzielny montaż krok po kroku
Ceramic installation on terrace adjustable pedestals is very simple compared to traditional mounting systems. How to build such a terrace?
In this article you will learn:
What is ventilated terrace
How simple is montage ceramic installation on ventilated terrace
How can you montage a wooden ventilated terrace

Ceramic installation on terrace adjustable pedestals is very simple compared to traditional mounting systems. How to build such a terrace?

We'll talk about it later. now a few words what is a ventilated terrace.

The ventilated terrace on adjustable pedestals allows you to build an ideal terrace - easy to maintain and simple to maintain and most importantly without damaging the isolation.

Such a system does not require us to glue the adjustable pedestals to the ground or as in traditional solutions of gluing waterproofing panels.

None of these things.

Thanks to the terrace adjustable pedestals, you can quickly do a ceramic installation on ventilated terrace..

And it guarantees - you'll love it right away!

quick and easy installation of the ventilated terrace

Here are some basic features of ceramic installation on adjustable pedestals - adjustable and fixed.

ventilated terrace - montage and features
  • there is no water on the surface
  • it also does not freeze in the following layers and does not burst the floor from the inside
  • We do not damage hydroisolation
  • we need a minimum amount of tools and materials for assembly
  • very light construction
  • water can flow into drains freely
  • substrate maintenance is very simple
  • speed of floor height and level adjustment
  • eco product
  • terrace support pads have high resistance to high and low temperatures
  • the adjustable pedestals are also resistant to UV radiation
  • virtually any surface can be adapted plastic bases to perform the ceramic installation of a ventilated terrace.
  • emptiness under the terrace additionally damps it in use
  • such a system allows us to quickly and non-invasively check the insulation
  • by removing each panel separately, you can simply reach the inspection outlets
  • the emptiness allows us to lead various installations under the top cladding
ventilated terrace montage in restaurant garden

Below we will explain step by step how to install a ventilated terrace.

Our instructions for ceramic installation  a ventilated terrace provide valuable advice and tips on what to look for and before and during wooden and ceramic installation of a ventilated terrace.

problematic places on terrace on adjustable pedestals

Thus, we proceed to work:

1. First, make an inventory (measurement) of the terrace

It will be needed to calculate the amount of materials needed to perform the installation of a ventilated terrace. Here is an example photo of the inventory made.

Determining the right terrace geometry is very important. It will decide about the correctness of its implementation. Therefore, accurately determine the height of DD Pedestals terrace adjustable pedestals.

It is also good to make a terrace design. It will allow you to accurately calculate the materials needed to build a terrace and facilitate assembly work.

2. Then check if your surface is level - it must be level and stabilized so that the terrace adjustable pedestals rests firmly on it.

stable and even ground for the terrace support

3. Clean the surface of impurities there.

cleaning the surface from impurities
Check if your surface is hard enough to lay the terrace adjustable pedestals on it - it can be:

- concrete slab
- concrete block on the ground
- stable openwork plate
- XPS / ESP / PIR hard styrodur

check the type of ground for the raised terrace

4. If your substrate is isolated with a hydroisolation, waterproofing to protect it, use a SBR rubber granulate shim

SBR rubber granulate shim

5. The adjustable pedestals can be locked by screwing the base together with the screw - this is an illustration of the case

screw of the adjustable pedestals securing against slipping

6. A.  If your substrate is not covered with a layer of waterproofing, you can screw a adjustable pedestal to it with a screw.

Recommended when there is a risk of brackets sliding.

Screwing the adjustable pedestals to the ground with a screw

6. B. However, if your substrate is insulated against water absorption (even in deeper layers), you can glue the adjustable pedestals with a special adhesive that will bond the plastic with concrete.

Bonding the adjustable pedestals to the hydroisolation

7.  Fitting the adjustable pedestals base against the wall and in the corner is also very easy to do.

Just adapt the adjustable pedestals to the specific case and cut its base as required.

Such a terrace on the roof of the restaurant will create a pleasant zone of peace and relaxation for them from the hustle and bustle of the street, sidewalk at the entrance to the pub where dozens of people pass, etc.
fitting the support base to a straight wall
matching the base of the adjustable pedestals to the corner wall

8. Cutting boards is necessary in almost every case terrace and balcony.

cutting ceramic terrace tiles to the corner of the wall of the raised terrace

9. Overcoming the fault located on the surface of our terrace or connecting two concrete tiles in one plane is simple.

 It is enough to make a bridge from additional lower support pads and a terrace tiles. We will illustrate it below:

overcoming the fault on the balcony terrace of the concrete ventilated terrace

Now we can proceed to the final final assembly of our raised terrace with ceramic installation.

Take a look at your terrace and think about the difficult places to make.

Some sensitive points that can be problems.
problematic places on terrace on adjustable pedestals

You can set the height of the final floor with the help of a laser level. It will allow you to properly determine the geometry of the terrace.

REMEMBER! Include the thickness of the terrace tiles.

How to start laying terrace tiles on a raised terrace.

Where to start them

Here are some hints on specific cases:

A. Entrance on the terrace with ceramic installation and wooden boards

Entrance to the terrace is usually the place according to which we plan the height of the ventilated terrace. Properly adjusted height relative to the threshold will allow comfortable transition from room to outside.

It is recommended that the height between the terrace surface and the threshold of the balcony door is not higher than the (comfortable) step height ~ 15 cm.

B. Selection of adjustable pedestals for raised terraces of low height.

If the ventilated terrace has a slope that starts from "zero", use fixed height DD Pedestals. They are specially adapted for terrace tiles. General-purpose rubber building pads can also be used.

If necessary, fixed terrace adjustable pedestals can be leveled to the desired level by placing rubber spacers on one side of the terrace adjustable pedestals only.

C. Monage terrace tiles in internal and external corners.

The terrace corner requires the use of DD Pedestals support pads  that fits perfectly. So, remove the gap spacers  from the terrace support and put this like under the tiles. If the bases of the terrace adjustable pedestals do not fit due to the short distance between them, cut its base.

Below graphical illustration of problematic places:

D. Slanting terrace - how to arrange the terrace on a raised terrace with a slant.

Diagonal lines require cutting terrace tiles into ropings or triangles. This requires a non-standard placement of terrace adjustable pedestals and appropriate board matching.

Sizes after cutting should be anticipated at the stage of starting the terrace construction. For slants, it is best to start with the slant to avoid very small pieces of tiles.

E. Arch on the  terrace  ceramic installation -  how to deal with it

Each terrace has its own unique geometry. Terraces often have arched attic walls. In this case, placing the DDP adjustable pedestals and cutting the boards will require greater precision and density of the DDP adjustable pedestals. Curved panels should be planned already at the stage of starting the terrace construction.

F. And what if we have a roof drain or other hole on the terrace that we need to overcome?

The roof drain is usually located at the lowest point of the terrace. Because of the basket, DDP support pads cannot be placed directly on the inlet. The replacement should be made by placing the DDP support pads next to the roof drain on which the panel is placed, on which the target DDP support pads supporting the terrace tiles is located.

And now a bit about how to mount a raised terrace on joists - that is, a traditional wooden terrace on adjustable pedestals.

G. Lay out the space.

Develop a plan for the placement of adjustable pedestals paying special attention to places such as corners, thresholds, doors. The spacing of the adjustable pedestals depends on the size of the joist cross-section and the weight of the terrace. A string is helpful when running straight lines.

H. Placement of adjustable pedestals.

Prepare the adjustable pedestals by placing gaps spacer in the screw so that they match the width of the joist or joist adapters. Spacing the adjustable pedestals in the right places. If the ground is not level use adjustable pedestals with a self-leveling head.

I. Installing  joists can be done in two different ways

I. 1.On terrace adjustable pedestals with gap spacers

Lay the joists on the adjustable pedestals and level them. Use the nuts to adjust the terrace adjustable pedestals to the correct height.

I.2. On terrace adjustable pedestals with joist adapters

Lay the joists on the adjustable pedestals and level them. Use the nuts to adjust the adjustable pedestals to the correct height. Attach the joists to the adapters with screws.

J. And the final element - tightening the terrace boards on the raised terrace

Whether on adjustable pedestals with spacers or on adjustable pedestals with joist adapters, tightening is done in the same way.

The terrace is ready.

And how? Was it easy, fast and pleasant?

If you have any other questions or maybe your terrace is not in the above examples?

contact us - we will help you solve your problems

A complete guidebook page to ventilated terraces.

Check out our complete guidebook page to ventilated terrace technology. Everything about the design, montage and application of terraces on adjustable pedestals and support pads in one place.

It is the only such complete page about raised terrace on the Internet.

Check out the guidebook

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