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What is raised patio terrace with pedestals?

Józef Baar
Product manager
raised patio terrace
The questions seems to be easy to answer. But let`s try to see it more detailed in this article.
In this article you will learn:
That similar technology was used in Ancient Rome.
What problems are generated by traditional technology?
What technology solves those very problems?

External floors are biggest problem in modern construction technology.

When we think external patios we see traditional ceramic tiles glued on plaster to the substructure. However, raised patio terrace with pedestals is exposed for several factors of atmospheric conditions. Constant impact of external confitions bring slowly damages in patios surface and especially between tiles joints.

Raised Patio terrace presentation

When tiles are firmly glued to the basis in the effect of material stress there are becoming damages which finally makes external floor full of defects.

Tiles leveling were already known in ancient times

The solution of laying tiles on supports were for example used in ancient Rome.

In this way were laid floor of Roman thermal baths under which hot air were blowed.

Raised patio terrace is no longer a cause of problems and defects

Alternative for traditional patio terraces is a system of raised patio terrace on adjustable pedestals. The solution is much more durable and easier to use.

When using ventilated terrace technology external flooring is no longer a problematic case.

External patio terraces on regulated height pedestals is a technology were top surface of terrace (tiles or decking joists) lay freely on adjustable pedestals and in a result whole terrace floor is in level despite base structure can be in slope.

Whole terrace is not fixed to the basis and in a result external weather conditions not lead to layers defects.

Raised patio terrace with pedestals - advantages

Fast water drain age


Tiles gap allow water to drain fast and easily. Water does not lay on the terrace surface.

Quick drainage from under the ventilated terrace
Additional thermal insulation


Adjustable pedestals system ensure better thermal insulation. Air gap between terrace surface and basis cause constant air circulation. It makes waterproof layer higher effective and more durable. Water insulation is not exposed to external atmospheric factors and UV radiation.

Additional insulation on adjustable deck supports
All installments under the terrace


Raised floor mount on adjustable pedestals is solution which allows to lay all installments (pipes, electric cables etc.) Under the terrace. All wires can arranged under the terrace surface with every moment access.

A place for installations under a ventilated terrace
Lower weight


Ventilated terraces doesn`t need many heavy weight plasters as in traditional terraces. Raised Floors are low weight construction what contributed to lower investment costs.

Lower weight of the ventilated terrace
Flat surface


Leveling terrace with using adjustable pedestals is very simple. Construction of terrace is Stable and there is constant access to waterproof insulation.

An even surface of a ventilated terrace

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raised patio terrace

What is raised patio terrace with pedestals?

The questions seems to be easy to answer. But let`s try to see it more detailed in this article.
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