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Pedestals for terrace tiles - quick and solid assembly

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podkładki dystansowe pod ceramiczne płyty tarasowe
When you want spend sunny day on your gardens, terraces, balconies, loggias in prepare the best places helps you pedestals for terrace tiles.
In this article you will learn:
What are the types of pedestals for terrace tiles
How simple technology makes our lives easier
What pedestals for terrace tiles are suitable for your terrace

Each of us dreams about carefree moments spent in the bosom of nature, when the sun lets through its warm rays and the wind lightly blows the space. However, we don't have such a possibility every day. And here our home gardens, terraces, balconies, loggias, etc. come to the rescue. In prepare the best places helps you pedestals for terrace tiles.

The basic finishing element of the above places is the floor. The simplest to install will be external tiles. We have many of them on the market, but mainly they are:

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Concrete tiles
  • Stone tiles
  • Wooden floor tiles (pallets) etc.

Pedestals for terrace tiles will help us install all of the above elements. They work perfectly on both large-size surfaces and small ones that we have at our homes and apartments.

Support pads for terrace tiles have a very wide range of possibilities, which allows us to perfectly match the solution to the situation we found on our terrace, on its surface.

Spacers for terrace tiles are divided into 2 basic types:


Support pads for terrace tiles have small heights from 2 mm to 16 mm with the possibility of stacking, however stacking more than 3 pieces is not recommended. They are best suited for mounting terrace tiles. Any type of tile that meets the strength parameters can be laid on such elements.

However, adjustable terrace pedestals have a much larger range, from 17 mm to as much as 950 mm. Thanks to such a wide range, they can be used almost everywhere.

All available pedestals for terrace tiles are briefly characterized below.

Support pads 2 mm.

The lowest support pads  for terrace tiles are 2 mm and are intended for laying directly on gravel, cement-sand bed or stabilized soil.

tiles laid on gravel on 2 mm support pads

The support pads allows stable and even laying surface of plates. 2 mm-distance support pads for terrace tiles improve stability and prevent tiles from sticking and moving. They have built-in 3 mm gap spacers with the possibility of mounting 5 mm gap spacers. The broken construction of the base and support pads allow for laying with any arrangement of the panels.

Such pedestals for terrace tiles are produced in two colors: black and transparent.

The latter after installation become almost invisible. If we want to further stabilize the floor, you can attach it to the ground with metal pins.

Rubber support pads 8 mm for terrace tiles 

Rubber pedestals  for terrace tiles are made of flexible material, which makes them extremely useful when used with various terrace coverings. The flexible structure muffles the terrace and the sound of sand particles that got between the plate and the base.

montage terrace tiles on support pads

8 mm rubber pedestals for terrace tiles allow for easy, quick and efficient execution of a new ventilated terrace cladding. Ventilated terraces are much more durable than traditionally glued. The stand has built-in 3 mm gap spacers  with the possibility of attaching 5 mm gap spacers.

concrete tiles laid for rubber support pads for terrace tiles

Support pads for terrace tiles 10 mm i 15 mm

Support pads consist of 4 connected together modules that can be divided into halves and quarters as needed usage. Pedestals  for terrace tiles have a lightweight but very durable construction.

60x60 ceramic tiles on support pads, spacers for terrace tiles

They have a built-in joint for determining the space between 3 mm boards. It is also possible to attach grout butterflies 5 mm wide. The support pads have holes that allow water to flow out, which is important when it is possible for water to freeze in the stand. The stands can be stacked and mixed in heights, which allows you to reach the desired height.

stackable modular support pads for terrace tiles

Modular spacers for 16 mm terrace tiles

Fixed height support pads  are designed for laying on terraces, roofs, isolation. These support pads do not require any special tools that are usually needed when constructing traditional glued terraces.

modułowe dystanse pod płytki tarasowe 60x60

Support pads for terrace tiles are modular, which allows them to be broken off halves to be laid along the wall or quadrants to be laid in the corners of the terrace. The stands have the option of stacking, which increases the terrace's height. The maximum stacking height is 3 stands (48 mm).

Modular support pads for terrace tiles have gap spacers  to determine the thickness of the gap - standard 3 mm or an additional 5 mm can be built-in. The bases can be applied with rubber underlays with a thickness of 1.5 mm which will allow soundproofing and cushioning of the board.

rubber shim pad under terrace tiles

Adjustable pedestals SPIRAL 17-30 mm

Series SPIRAL are adjustable pedestals for terrace tiles with step height adjustment every 1 mm. The height range allows leveling in the 17-30 mm height range. Height adjustment is done by rotating the halves relative to each other and jumping the indent by 1 mm.

Spiral terrace adjustable pedestals for 60x60 terrace tiles

Rotary discs put on the adjustable pedestals set the gap between the tiles of 3 or 5 mm width. The adjustable pedestals is also compatible with an attachment from above for mounting terrace wooden or plastic joists.

rotary disc with jointing sheets for adjustable pedestals for terrace tiles

The SPIRAL series adjustable pedestals are small support pads for terrace tiles giving new possibilities in leveling of raised terraces.

Adjustable pedestals STANDARD 30-220 mm

Adjustable pedestals for terrace tiles from the STANDARD series allow us to level the terraces on any type of ground. They are a universal solution previously problematic finishing of ventilated terraces in construction, regardless of the technologies used.

concrete tiles laid on plastic adjustable pedestals for terrace tiles

Terrace adjustable pedestals are adapted for laying terrace tiles as well as joists. Roof terraces or balconies thanks to the used adjustable pedestals can be arranged in a very short period of time and with less work, materials, time and funds compared to traditional solutions.

Adjustable pedestals series  MAX 45-950 mm

Adjustable terrace pedestals for quick and efficient installation of a raised terrace. Thanks to the new series of MAX adjustable pedestals, we can place even heavier elements / structures at distances.

strong reinforced adjustable pedestals for terrace tiles

Adjustable pedestals for terrace tiles MAX series  have a wide range of possibilities

applications and do a variety of needs. The ease of mounting the terrace with their help will surprise everyone. The use of such a system allows you to quickly create a terrace that will provide high comfort in a durable and aesthetic way.

terrace adjustable pedestals for tiles from producer very durable

The new model has introduced numerous improvements such as:

  • new reinforced ring
  • bars reinforcing the base of the adjustable pedestals
  • holes for mounting pins
  • edges stiffening the base 
  • outlet openings from the base 
  • increased base diameter
Pedestals MAX

Advantages of using support pads for terrace tiles:

  • Easy and quick installation
  •  Raise the required height by a few cm to level the surface with the threshold
  • Ability to search at any time
  • Each tile lies on the support pads independently
  • Support pads for terrace tiles can be used repeatedly, e.g. when replacing tiles with new ones
  • Soundproofing terrace tiles thanks to the use of elastics
  • Ability to lead electrical, internet, lighting or plant spraying installations under the floor
  • Rainwater or melting snow is not lying on the terrace

Support pads for terrace tiles are widely used and each of us can adjust a suitable fixed support pads or adjustable pedestals depending on the requirements or ground conditions.

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