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Low height pedestal for terrace SPIRAL 10-17 mm (NEW)!

Jozef Baar
Product manager
New! Low height pedestal for terraces SPIRAL 10-17 mm.
In this article you will learn:
New low height pedestal SPIRAL 10-17 mm.
The case of low height raised terraces.
Adjustable pedestals SPIRAL Series

New SPIRAL 10-17 mm available!

Yes! No it is possible to regulate terrace height from 10 mm (.39 inches). That`s really low height!
regulowany wspornik tarasowy spiral 10-17 mm
New adjustable height pedestal SPIRAL 10-17 mm.

Adjustable pedestal for low height terraces.

Firstly, what to do when there is a project which need a really low pedestals? This question was from the very beginning of DD PEDESTALS. Before we recommended to use Fixed height support pads as 010 - 10 mm or 015 - 15 mm with rubber shims. This was a solution to have a low height terrace on pedestals but extend assembly time and raise overall costs of a ventilated terrace.

Ventilated terrace

We invite You to explore our Ventilated terraces guidebook.
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podstawki tarasowe czy regulowane wsporniki tarasowe?
Low height with terrace balcony window. Top layer is very low from window frame. This place is often the lowest point of the terrace from where we start calculate pedestals height.
przymiarka podstawek tarasowych przy framudze okna balkonowego
Example of Fixed height support pads with balcony window frame and low height problem.

Adjustable pedestal SPIRAL series. The answer for low height terraces.

In conclustion the answer for low height pedestal for terraces is a adjustable pedestals SPIRAL series. First pedestal from this series is SPIRAL 17-30 mm. We thought that would be low enough for low height terraces. But later we received information that even lower pedestal is needed.

First brochure advertise SPIRAL pedestal 17-30 mm.
First brochure advertise SPIRAL pedestal 17-30 mm.
low height pedestal

New low height pedestal SPIRAL 10-17 mm.

Finally available Adjustable pedestal SPIRAL with height regulation 10-17 mm. Wherever is needed lowest possible height regulation for terrace. Now there is no need to use fixef height support pads anymore. Feel freedom of leveling terraces from lowest possible height as 10 mm.

Pedestal SPIRAL 10-17 mm with concrete tile 5 cm.
Pedestal SPIRAL 10-17 mm with concrete tile 5 cm.

Do You want to receive samples of new SPIRAL 10-17 mm?

If You would like to receive sample of a new low height SPIRAL 10-17 mm please let us know. We will arrange it for You!

Order samples

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