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Balcony repair on adjustable pedestals

Józef Baar
Product manager
balcony repair
The repair of terraces and balconies is a big problem of all building owners constructed in the 90s and at the beginning of the new century.
In this article you will learn:
Why modernization of older balconies should be carried out using adjustable pedestals.
How much time does it take to renovate the balcony with the help of appropriate technology.
What is needed to carry out such modernization.

Residents of various types of housing associations or cooperatives, regardless of whether they are single-family houses, divided into several separate rooms or multi-storey apartment blocks, are increasingly wondering what to do with balconies made in the 90s and at the beginning of the new century. Balconies are made in the traditional method of gluing tiles, which under external weather conditions has limited durability. Communities and cooperatives, if they want to repair the balcony, unfortunately do not have the appropriate knowledge or specialized tools.

Ultimate solution for leaking balconies

Other tenants of other parts of the building may prove to be an additional problem. Prolonged work and noise accompanying modernization significantly impede their daily functioning.
In such cases, the best solution is the technology of terraces and balconies ventilated on adjustable supports.

Balcony and terrace restoration on adjustable pedestals

Nowadays, because of the large number of other activities, everyone wants the balcony to be renovated as quickly as possible.

A ventilated terrace is an ideal solution in this case.
The design is universal and the layout can be adapted to all kinds of substrates, whether it is the technology in which the balcony or terrace was made. Boards used during renovation have amazing durability and provide an aesthetic and modern look for decades.

The time needed to finish the entire structure depends largely on the size and conditions of the space in which it is made. For a balcony of a block of flats, where it is usually possible to meet sizes from 2 to a maximum of 20 square meters, it will be possible to finish it in just 5 to 24 hours!

What do You need for balcony and terrace repair process?

The price of all necessary materials is very small, in the case of subsequent damage or desire to modernize the purchase of exchangeable products below is only a fraction of the initial whole.

The necessary items include:
Rectified ceramic plates - the most common solution when renovating balconies. The boards ensure easy assembly and protect against the worst weather phenomena.

Adjustable terrace pedestals (terrace supports) - this type of terrace does not use different types of tile adhesives or other materials that permanently bond the tile to the ground. The height of the brackets can be adjusted using special adjusting rings to the corresponding height. In some cases, extensions / spacers are also used, allowing an even higher lift of the entire structure.

Aluminum profile to support and limit external panels.
On the ground, heat-welded roofing felt rolled up and secured at the edges with balcony profiles.

Click here to download balcony repair details in pdf

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