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Frequently asked questions



Does pedestals height include self leveling head?

Our rubber shims are 1,5 MM and are laying between paver tile and pedestal head. Rubber shims compensate difference in stone tile thickness and additionaly add noise reduction to the whole rooftop deck.
more information instruction manual page 26


pedestals rubber shim

compenstate tile thickness difference

Do you have different pedestals that set against curbs/edges?

This kind of pedestals are needless. You just need to move back pedestals a little bit from curb/edge of the patio edge.

more information on instruction manual page 50-54


pedestals along to curb edge of the patio terrace

decking edge along to wall finish on pedestals

Is limestone/stone/marble tiles are ok to use with this pedestals?

Depend on limestone thickness. If pavers are thick enough to not crush when people walking it is good. Consider that whith limestone, stone or marble tiles due to that is is natural source raw material can have small differencies between tile thickness what can make installation more difficult. Consider to use porcelain 2 CM thikcness paver tiles.

tile thickness differences on stone

What spacing is between pavers on pedestals?

Standard gap between tiles on pedestals is 3 or 5 MM.
5 MM spacing between tiles is recommended for stone, marble tiles and 3 mm is rather for porcelain tiles.

stone tiles on pedestals spacing 5 mm

gap space between porcelain tiles on pedestals

How do I use up to wall clips and what is the distance?

Up to wall distance clips is laying on the top of the pedestal under tile and create distance between edge tile and terrace curb. The distance is regulated from 5-12 MM. 

up to wall distance clip dimensions

up to wall clip between wall and paver tile



How to moung joist adapter on the top of the pedestal?

How to mount joist adapter on the top of the pedestal?

Pleace joist adapter pins in holes on the pedestal head as on the photo and video below.


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